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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Samir Kochhar the symbol of honest police officer

‘Jannat’ is a different type of movie which is related to the story of match-fixing and a life of a bookie who loses his love in pursuit of his idea of heaven. The whole story goes on around the central characters of Arjun and Zoya. However, with the demand of story to move on some other characters have also included where ‘Samir Kochhar’ keeps important role. What should be the answer of the definition of best friend? In my point of view I want to give this answer with an English phrase that is ‘A friend is need a friend indeed’. Samir Kochhar acted as a police officer in this movie. Before going to reveal his role I am going to say about his characteristics. Samir Kochhar is an honest police officer. He obeys his duty carefully. He is helpful and always gives good advice. He shows the victim the right way to come back from bad work. In this movie we can see him to do same thing against the central actor Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) when he was arrested and send to the police station accusing by robbery. In that time, Samir Kochhar rescues him from this charge. Here sympathy comes because Arjun’s father was the teacher of Samir Kochhar. However, later in this movie we can see that Arjun involved himself with underworld unwillingly. Samir Kochhar knew that and advised Arjun to come back from this ugly and selfish world. Arjun was blind of making heaven so he refused police officer and involved himself for match fixing. We saw what happened in his fate. Samir Kochhar failed and Arjun had to sacrifice his life.

At the end of this article I just want to say that if all the police officers are like Samir Kochhar then crime will be reduced from the whole world.