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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Javed Sheikh: Is he perfect villain?

Either it is romantic movie or comedy movie without villain any movie is not fulfill. Villain is a notorious character in every movie but without this character movie fails to make any objection, any request, any climax to its viewers. “Jannat” movie is made without different type of story where director shows love story between protagonists. Director and story writer show Mafia and under world people as a villain of this movie. In my point of view the central character is also responsible to be a villain. Now, you can get astonished and say why because Arjun was involved with match fixing, gambling that no one hero can do it. However, the main villain of this movie is Javed Sheikh. Who is Javed Sheikh? The answer of this question is that he is leader of ‘Mafia’ group. He look after the under world and use Arjun for match-fixing. With the big amount of money that comes from match-fixing, he uses it to buy arms to keep on his work. We have to admit that Javed Sheikh has showed his superb performance and made the movie natural. Many of you may scold him for his bad character. If you do this then I think Javed Sheikh is success in his job. No one can comment about his acting ability. Here in this movie we saw him to praise Arjun to make more money what seems to him (Arjun) heaven. He bound the actor to commit crime for him as he can earn more money in easy way. At the end of this movie, we can see that ‘god fathers’ are always stay away from all danger that nothing can touch them. We also see that villain got rescue and hero sacrifice his life. When the whole world will be free from these bad persons?