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Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Zoya" symbol of all Indian woman

One of the most important central characters Zoya keeps the important role to move the story. However, she acted against Emraan Hashmi who was rolled as Arjun in this movie. Zoya is the most important female character. She appears for short time but that change the story. You may think she is only an actress but she has responsibility to make the movie successful. If you see the movie then you should bound to praise this smiley girl. However, she has talent with beauty that makes her different and more attractive.

First we see her on the mall. Zoya attracts Arjun’s attention with her beauty. She fall in love with him and live together in a nice decorated house.

Zoya is the symbol of pity and love. Arjun struggle hard for his girl and become successful also. When Zoya realized the truth that Arjun work for mafia then she tried her best to bring back from this path. She could do it also. Bad luck is that Arjun move on the wrong way and realizes his fault sacrificing his own life.

Movie finishes with a nice scene where Zoya appear with her son in a shopping mall.

If you think deeply then you can see Zoya is used as a symbol. Most of the girls in the world live their life in the same way. They have nothing to do. She shows her talent again with this movie. Her character was natural and you may think it is true story that is captured with movie cam.