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Monday, June 2, 2008

Movie preview of "Jannat"

“Jannat” is an urdu word. It means heaven. Heaven is peace and peace is heaven. Both are the synonyms of each other. Heaven is a common word of all religious book where mention that people will enjoy and enjoy. “Jannat” is a different type of story that is written by Vishesh Bhatt. The central character “Arjun” around whom the whole story go on till the end. Arjun is a reckless young man who dreams to make heaven on earth with a passion for making money at card game. At the beginning of movie, we can see Arjun to play card to change his fate. He thinks that lady luck seems to avoid him until he meets Zoya. One day she saw her in a mall. And that may the reason of his key to success. Zoya character keeps important role to turn the story in different way. He tries to praise that girl who works in a call centre. We also see him doing many things to make love in her heart like breaking glass and buy an expensive ring and offer her to have coffee in a five star hotel. To meet with Zoya, Arjun tries hard to change his ordinary life. If you see the movie then surely you know that this movie is about match fixing. To make his dream fulfill on earth, he start betting on cricket match where luck favor him. That is why; he can earn more money quickly. One day, he becomes bookies from small-time card games. He caught an attention of an underworld don and invited Cape Town. Mafia offered him to earn more money and work for them. He becomes successful in this way. However, his quick rise attracts the attention of the police. Police officer Samir Kochhar realizes that he Arjun work with mafia. So, he plans to arrest him and do it. But it was for short time. He got bail and start playing gamble and finding his girl friend Zoya.

It is seen that the female character Zoya comes with the demand of time. She tries her best to return him back from this way. In the character of Zoya, we can see a girl like others who dreamed to be a happy and simple couple. But it was really difficult for Arjun to choose his love and power as because he wanted to make jannat on earth in his house. He was lavished by more money and cannot avoid the offer that he got by don to live in limitless wealth and encourage him to fix the match. At a time Arjun can understand his fault but had no way to come back. Movie finish with the sad scene of Aujun’s dead. His dead may cause the fact fallen tears of his fans eyes. He is symbolized as the gamblers who are still suffering for the attraction of lavish to become rich early without any hard work.

I hope many people who are involving in this business should come back from his way and dream to be happy in life.