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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Emraan Hashmi act in the character of Arjun

The movie “Jannat” hit the box office. Under the direction of ‘Kunal Deshmukh’ the movie became truth to its viewers. You already know that this movie is about match-fixing. ‘Arjun’ the central character of the movie “Jannat” around whom the whole story goes on is a gambler. Emraan Hashmi act in the central character. Mukesh Bhatt always depends on Emraan and choose him actor in his all movies.

It was a great challenge for Emraan as the movie got released when the much hype cash-rich extravaganza was going on. Emraan proved his talent showing his best acting in this movie. Now, I am describing about the character of Arjun.

Arjun is a reckless young man who dreams to make money in card games. At the beginning of the movie, we see him to play card game but fate did not favour him. He seems that he needs queen in him life to change the luck.

Arjun is too much lavish for making quick money. He always dreams to make heaven on earth. He is also ambitious and may be that is the reason of his fall down. We see him to work for underworld don lavished by making limitless wealth.

Arjun is a clever and courageous man that helps him to fly on the high. He started biting on cricket game and become bookies from small time card game. Then he involves with international match-fixing and moves on to a runner of the mafia.

Arjun is a simple man like others who love a girl named Zoya. To praise his lover, she broke glass in the mall. We also see him to buy an expensive ring and shop in the call centre and buy a new car.

Another central character Zoya tried her best to bring him back from this path. He was asked to choose between his love and power. He was lavished by wealth and power so nothing can bring him back from his way even Zoya.

However, Emraan Hashmi gives another hit movie to his fans. I am surprised to see his natural action capability. I want to say him best among the new actors.