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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chronicles of Great Khali

If you are fan of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) then you will surely know the name of Great Khali. This 7 feet 3 inches tallest and 190 kg weight wrestler is the most famous figure in WWE and the first Indian to be signed up by WWE. However, his real name is Daleep Singh Rana. I know many of you are curious to know the meaning of “Great Khali”. After joining the US showbiz circus he was renamed Khali that is the name of Hindu goddess of destruction.

Now, this 35 year old former Mr. India, titled in 1995 and 1996, has been labeled the “pride of the nation” that is no less than the Indian President. He is now earning r and well amount of money.

He has come from poor family and he was one of seven children of his parents. Because of his poverty, he never went to school. Khali was labor of breaking rocks on road building projects.

During a stint as a security guard he was spotted by a former chief of the Punjab police. This former police offered him a job and turned him on to wrestling. So, Khali is owe to this police man for his well position.


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