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Friday, December 12, 2008

Miss World 2008: Important facts about the beauty pageant

The most popular beauty pageant contest 58th Miss World 2008 will come to an end with the final event of “Beauty With A Purpose” on 13th December, 2008 which was started from 29th November. With this contest, we can get the most beautiful girl among 109 contests around the world. You may know that this year the final of Miss World 2008 beauty contest is going to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The whole world is now eagerly waiting to see the crown winner of this contest. Who do you think can win this respective and prestigious title?
You also can see some people who have negative aspects about the beauty pageant contest. They think that showing body is a disgraceful. However, I don’t want to argue about it. Recently, I have found a list of 50 things about Miss World 2008. You will find many interesting things involved in this article. So, don’t waste your time. Go ahead and enjoy the list of 50 things. To get it visit the link in below-
Miss World 2008: 50 Things You Should Know

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dostana: Raking huge collection at the box office

Latest released movie “Dostana”, which was produced by young and talented filmmaker Karan Johar, has taken 80 per cent collection at the box office on the opening day in Mumbai. The performance in Mumbai is now equally encouraging in other centers in the country. In domestic circuit, it has been released 700 prints. In multiplex, the movie has been faring better.


Released with 700 prints domestically, the movie has been faring better especially in multiplexes, as opening collections indicated Friday. In BIG Cinema and PVR chains in Indore, Dostana raked in 85 per cent and 90 per cent respectively on the opening day.

A spokesperson of Yash Raj Films, which has the world distribution rights of Dostana, said that the movie being a lighthearted comic caper with a homosexuality angle has been particularly liked by the youth as it gives them quite a few good laughs.

Though, the story of this movie is about homosexuality, hindi movie fans took it positively. No doubt, Bollywood fans could see a different type of movie after long time. Stars like Priyanka Chopra and Bobby Deol will also be seen on this movie. Both Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham are highly expected about the movie. Let us see how movie fans accept this movie.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Imran Khan: Rumor about promising newcomer super star

It is heard that promising newcomer, Imran Khan, rejected a lucrative offer approached by Yashraj Films before getting popularity as a super star in Bollywood with his debut movie “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”. Some reasons have been shown why he didn’t want to sign film depending on a big banner. There is a rumor why he had refused a Yashraj Film was that he did not like the script.

Imran Khan was approached by Aditya Chopra with three stories before his first movie hit the theatres. Imran Khan liked one story among three but later he refused when the script was totally written.

You know that sign in a big banner movie is an easiest way to become popular early in Bollywood. However, many of you can say that the relationship between Imran Khan and Aamir Khan as uncle and nephew is the plus point for him to become super star. Now, in a report he says that he would like to take challenge. If you are fan of Hindi movie then you should know that his new movie “Kidnap” will release on 2nd October, 2008. He takes it the challenge in his professional career. Let us see how movie goer people accept his new movie.

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Imran Khan says he like to take challenge

Imran Khan is one of few future super stars in Bollywood. After giving an astounding success with his debut movie, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, he is now waiting to unleash his next movie ‘Kidnap’ which will release on 2nd October, 2008. With his second movie, he will be appeared in a different look. Comparing with his debut movie, Kidnap is totally different movie in many reasons.

For the first time he is going to share screen space with Sanjay Dutt. It will be an exciting thing to see him in an action thriller movie. Fans of Imran Khan can see him in a different look. It is really great achievement for any new comer to work with Sanjay Dutt. In a report, he told about Sanjay Dutt:

It will be the first time that the actor will be sharing screen space with Sanjay Dutt “I was very scared of him. He has this tough macho image and I have action scenes with him. Sanjay Dutt realized that and approached me. He gave me a lot of support and often checked whether I had rehearsed my lines well or not” says Imran.

However, Imran Khan says that he loves to take challenge. It can make you bore if you get more publicity easily without any challenge. It is the time to see how movie goer fans accept his forthcoming movie. It is also big challenge for him to go ahead without his maternal uncle Aamir Khan, who produced his first movie. Will he win in this challenge?

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Chamku: Movie review of Bobby Deol

Bobby Deol is not as much famous actor as Shah Rukh Khan or like others. Then there are some die hard fan of Bobby Deol who always waits to see his new release movie. No doubt, he is talented and give his best perform in every movie. May be due to poor script or indifferent character is the reason of his less popularity. Now, his next movie, Chamku, will hit the screen as soon as possible. He played the lead character as Chandrama Singh aka Chamku. The movie, Chamku, is revolved around Punjab riot of 1984. Here in this movie, Bobby Deol fans can see their famous actor as a psycho. The one of the hottest actresses Priyanka Chopra will be studded with Bobby. The story of this movie took from a real story. Chamku, Bobby Deol, saw his family brutally killed by police and he was brought up by a Naxal leader in Bihar. Once he falls in love with Shubhi (Prianka Chopra, played kindergarten teacher) and dreamt to come back in a peaceful life. However, he again involved with under ground work. The actress got success to bring him back in a normal life.

To get details information about this movie review and artist visit the link in below:

Dear fans you also can see two famous characters Arshad Warsi, Ritesh Deshmukh. We can expect to get some real fun from these two actors. Let us see in which character they will be exposed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Clash between Harry Potter and Hari Puttar

The news titled 'Harry Potter' Versus 'Hari Puttar' attracts my attention. Many of you can think it is the mistake of the title name. Is it? The answer is no. Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors, is a new Hindi movie produced by one of the famous studios Warner Bros. Around this movie one question can raise in your mind that it will be comedy or story related with Hollywood movie Harry Potter. However, this upcoming movie is in trouble with the producers of the widely popular Harry Potter film series. The title indicates too much close to the production house made child movie Harry Potter.

To keep the reputation, production house can ask them to change the name of the movie. The date of the movie release is not published yet. Wish to see soon in a big screen.

Monday, August 11, 2008

All about Deepika Padukone who is known tomorrow's hot actress

The all time jovial actress Deepika Padukone is now the centre of attraction ahead of her upcoming movie “Bachna Ae Haseeno” which is her third movie. Media are busy to make news headline or new story around her boy friend Ranbir Kapoor. If you are movie goers fan then you should know that both are acting in lead character. However, this attractive and talented actress started her career in Hindi movie with “Om Shanti Om” which makes her more popular in Bollywood. With her early success, she has fallen the envy of every Bollywood actress. The super model turned actress and it had become possible when Farah Khan saw her and proposed to work her first directed and produced movie. If she didn’t seek her career as a model then we could see her as a top state level player. You already know that she has come from famous sports family.

However, searching on net about Deepika Padukone I have found a post and got amazed to read from first to last. In this post, I have got all information of this actress from childhood to acting career. The writer did not leave any single information. The writer also predicts that she is going to be next hot actress. If you are fan of Deepika Padukone and wanted to know any secret information about her then go and visit the link I have given below:-

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Hansika Motwani: All about youngest actress

Child artist has become popular adult actress in Bollywood. She is the only actress who is popular both in Telegu and Hindi film. At first look, no one can imagine that she will turn seventeen this year. If anyone asks me to commend her in a word, I would like to use lot of adjectives like: beautiful, nice, awesome, pretty, hot and sexy etc. With her beautiful look and innocent smile, she has already caught the attention of all movie fans. I know you are excited to know the name of this young talented actress. Yes, she is Hansika Motwani, the youngest actress in Bollywood. I think Hansika Motwani is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. She performed some memorable roles in many pictures and the TV serials as a child artist. However, I have found a list of 50 things about her where everything is included from her personal life to film career. So, go ahead and visit the link and spend some few times. I am sure it will help you know some secret information about this actress.

Is she your favorite actress? What things of her character attract you more? Is she looking nice? What about her innocent smile? You can send a comment and tell me your opinion or what do you want to know about this actress.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top 10 Most Beautiful TV actresses

Actresses are the centre attraction of any movie, drama or serial. Without actress story is not complete. Their beauty, acting ability attracts the people more. I think most of you can understand what I am going to mention in this article. Yes, it is about top actresses but that time I will show you some popular TV actresses who have already become more popular not only in India but also some other countries. They are owe to Balaji Telefilms, which is run by Ekta Kapoor, for their world wide popularity. With the demand of time, TV serials have become as equally popular as Hindi movies.

Here in this post I am giving a link in below where you will get details information about these actresses with their photos-

Who is your favorite TV actress? Has she any responsibility to make the serial popular?

Top 10 Romantic Bollywood Movies

I am a big fan of Bollywood movies. Bollywood actresses attracts me lot. Their smile and natural acting ability make me fascinate and hypnotized. When I sit in front of TV set then I could not movie until the movie is going to end. Whenever I get time, I watch new released movies. It gives me much pleasure for a short time. Till my childhood I am watching Hindi movies and enjoying it lot. However, categories of movies are different types like: Action, Romantic, Comedy, Tragedy and Thrill etc. I like watching all types of movies but especially I like to enjoy romantic movies where it shows a tell of love between two human who sacrifices everything for their love. However, I have got an article about top 10 Romantic Bollywood Movies which will make you surprised and peep at one wish in your mind to watch these movies once again-

I believe this long but interesting article will be able to give you some interesting information and pleasure. The writer Mehdi Hasan is an expert about Bollywood. There is not any part what he does not know about Bollywood. His funny words give more laughs and keep attraction the readers to read the article till end.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Javed Sheikh: Is he perfect villain?

Either it is romantic movie or comedy movie without villain any movie is not fulfill. Villain is a notorious character in every movie but without this character movie fails to make any objection, any request, any climax to its viewers. “Jannat” movie is made without different type of story where director shows love story between protagonists. Director and story writer show Mafia and under world people as a villain of this movie. In my point of view the central character is also responsible to be a villain. Now, you can get astonished and say why because Arjun was involved with match fixing, gambling that no one hero can do it. However, the main villain of this movie is Javed Sheikh. Who is Javed Sheikh? The answer of this question is that he is leader of ‘Mafia’ group. He look after the under world and use Arjun for match-fixing. With the big amount of money that comes from match-fixing, he uses it to buy arms to keep on his work. We have to admit that Javed Sheikh has showed his superb performance and made the movie natural. Many of you may scold him for his bad character. If you do this then I think Javed Sheikh is success in his job. No one can comment about his acting ability. Here in this movie we saw him to praise Arjun to make more money what seems to him (Arjun) heaven. He bound the actor to commit crime for him as he can earn more money in easy way. At the end of this movie, we can see that ‘god fathers’ are always stay away from all danger that nothing can touch them. We also see that villain got rescue and hero sacrifice his life. When the whole world will be free from these bad persons?

Samir Kochhar the symbol of honest police officer

‘Jannat’ is a different type of movie which is related to the story of match-fixing and a life of a bookie who loses his love in pursuit of his idea of heaven. The whole story goes on around the central characters of Arjun and Zoya. However, with the demand of story to move on some other characters have also included where ‘Samir Kochhar’ keeps important role. What should be the answer of the definition of best friend? In my point of view I want to give this answer with an English phrase that is ‘A friend is need a friend indeed’. Samir Kochhar acted as a police officer in this movie. Before going to reveal his role I am going to say about his characteristics. Samir Kochhar is an honest police officer. He obeys his duty carefully. He is helpful and always gives good advice. He shows the victim the right way to come back from bad work. In this movie we can see him to do same thing against the central actor Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) when he was arrested and send to the police station accusing by robbery. In that time, Samir Kochhar rescues him from this charge. Here sympathy comes because Arjun’s father was the teacher of Samir Kochhar. However, later in this movie we can see that Arjun involved himself with underworld unwillingly. Samir Kochhar knew that and advised Arjun to come back from this ugly and selfish world. Arjun was blind of making heaven so he refused police officer and involved himself for match fixing. We saw what happened in his fate. Samir Kochhar failed and Arjun had to sacrifice his life.

At the end of this article I just want to say that if all the police officers are like Samir Kochhar then crime will be reduced from the whole world.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kambakkht Ishq: Sylvester Stallone make debut in Bollywood

It is a little bit exciting and unbelievable news for Sylvester Stallone’s fans that this Hollywood icon has made his debut in Bollywood movie “Kambakkht Ishq”. Bollywood filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala made it possible that was unthinkable for Indian movie goers’ fans. We will see him to play himself in a short but vital character opposite to Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor which shot in Los Angles. It took more than two months to get Stallone after meeting his agents and then finally the actor himself. In Indian cinema history it is the first time the shooting will take place at the Universal Studio.
msn. Entertainment reported:
Stallone, however, will not be doing any of the stunts in 'Kambakht Ishq'. “Stallone has some very important scenes, while Akshay is his body double,” Nadiadwala added.

No doubt, it is going to be the most expensive movie in Bollywood history. The attractive name Sylvester Stallone is well known for some of his fighting movies like Rocky and Rambo. For some thrill in this film 'Kambakht Ishq' producer has also signed stunt director Spiro Razatos. You can see some fighting action that never seen in past.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Vishal Malhotra" a good friend of Arjun

Recently, I have got a nice text like- friends are like shoes, some loose some tight, some fit just right, and they will help you as you walk through life.

Friends are part of body whom we can share our all things. Vishal Malhotra is also a best friend of central character Arjun from childhood. From first to last, we see these two friends together in this movie. Vishal helps Arjun in many ways. At the beginning of the movie we see him to request Arjun not to play card anymore. When Arjun become a successful bookies and earned lot of money then Vishal told him to stop bluffing. And he also told him that money they have earned is enough to live happily in their whole life. Arjun refused his advice and that is why, he had to sacrifice his life.

Now, I want to say another proverb that is “a friend is need a friend indeed.” Vishal is such a friend who come first to help his friend in any situation. We see him to give Arjun big amount of money to pay his debt. As a prove of his kindness for his friend, we can see him to play with Arjun when Arjun tried to hide from police.

You may say that Vishal is not important character in this movie but you can not neglect him to move on the story.

I think all will hope to get a friend like Vishal Malhotra.

"Zoya" symbol of all Indian woman

One of the most important central characters Zoya keeps the important role to move the story. However, she acted against Emraan Hashmi who was rolled as Arjun in this movie. Zoya is the most important female character. She appears for short time but that change the story. You may think she is only an actress but she has responsibility to make the movie successful. If you see the movie then you should bound to praise this smiley girl. However, she has talent with beauty that makes her different and more attractive.

First we see her on the mall. Zoya attracts Arjun’s attention with her beauty. She fall in love with him and live together in a nice decorated house.

Zoya is the symbol of pity and love. Arjun struggle hard for his girl and become successful also. When Zoya realized the truth that Arjun work for mafia then she tried her best to bring back from this path. She could do it also. Bad luck is that Arjun move on the wrong way and realizes his fault sacrificing his own life.

Movie finishes with a nice scene where Zoya appear with her son in a shopping mall.

If you think deeply then you can see Zoya is used as a symbol. Most of the girls in the world live their life in the same way. They have nothing to do. She shows her talent again with this movie. Her character was natural and you may think it is true story that is captured with movie cam.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Emraan Hashmi act in the character of Arjun

The movie “Jannat” hit the box office. Under the direction of ‘Kunal Deshmukh’ the movie became truth to its viewers. You already know that this movie is about match-fixing. ‘Arjun’ the central character of the movie “Jannat” around whom the whole story goes on is a gambler. Emraan Hashmi act in the central character. Mukesh Bhatt always depends on Emraan and choose him actor in his all movies.

It was a great challenge for Emraan as the movie got released when the much hype cash-rich extravaganza was going on. Emraan proved his talent showing his best acting in this movie. Now, I am describing about the character of Arjun.

Arjun is a reckless young man who dreams to make money in card games. At the beginning of the movie, we see him to play card game but fate did not favour him. He seems that he needs queen in him life to change the luck.

Arjun is too much lavish for making quick money. He always dreams to make heaven on earth. He is also ambitious and may be that is the reason of his fall down. We see him to work for underworld don lavished by making limitless wealth.

Arjun is a clever and courageous man that helps him to fly on the high. He started biting on cricket game and become bookies from small time card game. Then he involves with international match-fixing and moves on to a runner of the mafia.

Arjun is a simple man like others who love a girl named Zoya. To praise his lover, she broke glass in the mall. We also see him to buy an expensive ring and shop in the call centre and buy a new car.

Another central character Zoya tried her best to bring him back from this path. He was asked to choose between his love and power. He was lavished by wealth and power so nothing can bring him back from his way even Zoya.

However, Emraan Hashmi gives another hit movie to his fans. I am surprised to see his natural action capability. I want to say him best among the new actors.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Movie preview of "Jannat"

“Jannat” is an urdu word. It means heaven. Heaven is peace and peace is heaven. Both are the synonyms of each other. Heaven is a common word of all religious book where mention that people will enjoy and enjoy. “Jannat” is a different type of story that is written by Vishesh Bhatt. The central character “Arjun” around whom the whole story go on till the end. Arjun is a reckless young man who dreams to make heaven on earth with a passion for making money at card game. At the beginning of movie, we can see Arjun to play card to change his fate. He thinks that lady luck seems to avoid him until he meets Zoya. One day she saw her in a mall. And that may the reason of his key to success. Zoya character keeps important role to turn the story in different way. He tries to praise that girl who works in a call centre. We also see him doing many things to make love in her heart like breaking glass and buy an expensive ring and offer her to have coffee in a five star hotel. To meet with Zoya, Arjun tries hard to change his ordinary life. If you see the movie then surely you know that this movie is about match fixing. To make his dream fulfill on earth, he start betting on cricket match where luck favor him. That is why; he can earn more money quickly. One day, he becomes bookies from small-time card games. He caught an attention of an underworld don and invited Cape Town. Mafia offered him to earn more money and work for them. He becomes successful in this way. However, his quick rise attracts the attention of the police. Police officer Samir Kochhar realizes that he Arjun work with mafia. So, he plans to arrest him and do it. But it was for short time. He got bail and start playing gamble and finding his girl friend Zoya.

It is seen that the female character Zoya comes with the demand of time. She tries her best to return him back from this way. In the character of Zoya, we can see a girl like others who dreamed to be a happy and simple couple. But it was really difficult for Arjun to choose his love and power as because he wanted to make jannat on earth in his house. He was lavished by more money and cannot avoid the offer that he got by don to live in limitless wealth and encourage him to fix the match. At a time Arjun can understand his fault but had no way to come back. Movie finish with the sad scene of Aujun’s dead. His dead may cause the fact fallen tears of his fans eyes. He is symbolized as the gamblers who are still suffering for the attraction of lavish to become rich early without any hard work.

I hope many people who are involving in this business should come back from his way and dream to be happy in life.

Bachchan couple buy house in Dubai

Purchasing house outside the country has become a part of fashion towards actors and actresses. In past, we saw many Hollywood actresses and actors to buy new house for spending their vacation. Now, this is the Bollywood’s most attractive star couple Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who has recently bought a house in Dubai. They are the latest celebrities to acquire property in the gulf island. According to Gulf News, the couple’s new home is expected to be ready in the first quarter of 2010. The price of villas ranges from AED 15 million to AED 35 million. 1 AED equal $0.272.
Business Standard reported:

Having bought a place in Sanctuary Falls — a 96-villa double-gated community home — the actors also attended a "Residents Party" for owners in Jumeirah Golf Estates's this week, a gulf daily reported.
While no details were divulged on the couple's new home, it is expected to be ready in the first quarter of 2010, Gulf News said. According to the developers, the price of the villas ranges from AED 15 million to AED 35 million (1 AED = $0.272)

Dubai is a nice country for travel. People come hear to enjoy their great warmth. The benefit this for this couple is that Dubai is near from India so, they can come here anytime to enjoy their valuable time together.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is pregnant

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma and acted by Bachchan trio (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan) the forthcoming movie “Sarkar Raj” is now going to release on 6th June, 2008. So, Bachchans family came together for the promotion of new movie. And they faced some question that was quite related to personal and made them hesitate. I think most of you are eagerly waiting to know the question that Bachchan family faced that is when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be pregnant. The media was excited to know her pregnancy more than the information of new movie where Bachchan trio acted once again after Bunty Aur Babli.
indiatimes reported:

But more than the plot of Sarkar Raj , everybody was interested to know when would Ash and Abhishek be in the family way. When Amitabh Bachchan was asked when will he become a grandfather, a rather restrained reply came as, “I am already a grandfather. I have two grandchildren.”

Reacting to his answer another journalist clarified the question and asked, when he will be grandfather of Ash and Abhishek’s child. Now Abhi and Ash were totally amazed and wanted to see the person who asked this question.

Bachchan family strongly rejected her pregnancy. Big B interrupted and said its better the media sticks to question related to Sarkar Raaj.
It is the first movie for this couple after their marriage. This film has already generated so much attention and publicity to its fans.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

KYA AAP Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain: How far Kareena and Saif guest will go?

’KYA AAP Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain’ has become one of the most famous TV programs for all ages people. So, I think most of you already know the rules of this competition so; I don’t have to tell you anymore. Host Shah Rukh has made it more popular with his witty and jovial character. Shah Rukh Khan acted as a headmaster in this program and he would ask the grade five questions to the contestants. When you will hear the name of new pair Saif and Kareena will join this program and give the answer of these hard questions that is good enough to make anyone sweat till death. This couple has decided to donate the money to their charity how much money they will earn from this function.

merinews reported:

A website revealed that in the coming days, a number of celebrities and actors would be trying their luck in Paanchvi Pass. The headmaster would ask them the grade five questions and even the classmates would be there to help them. The latest to attend the classes would be Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The couple would answer the questions using their intelligence, wit and experience. As per the rules, they can copy and cheat if the answers are not known. It’s interesting to see how far the couple would go in answering the questions.

Kareena is the most talented actresses in Bollywood. It should be interesting to see how far the couple would go in answering the question.

Shahid Kapur & Vidya Balan: Vidya avoid Kareena

Shahid Kapur is still single? That answer is totally unknown to me. However, some news involving with Shahid and Vidya is now hearing that is neither false nor rumor. Most of you already know that both Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan is busy with their new movie “Kismet Konnection” for promotion and that make them a happy mingle. Both of them were spotted many places and also caught at a restaurant dining together. Shahid’s split with Kareena shows us some cold vibes between these two actresses.

Bollywood Mantra reported:

After reaching the venue, when Vidya learned that Kareena was practicing with Saif, she just turned off to her car and sat inside her car for hours at the car parking area in the chilly weather of London and waited for Kareena to leave. The incident clearly signifies that the duo shared some cold vibes.

Clash between actors and actresses are common facts in Bollywood. That is happening for long time. So, we can say rumor, cold vibe and rate race between actors is a part of Bollywood. Though they did not open up their relationship in public so, we can not say anything more about them. But it is quite sure that something romantic is definitely cooking between them.

Shahid Kapur: Vidya Balan or Sania Mirza who will be his next Girl friend?

Shahid and Kareena’s break up is still unrevealed story in the Bollywood. After their split, Kareena Kapoor chose Saif Ali Khan as his mingle. What about Shahid Kapur? Paparazzi are also confused about Shahid Kapur whom exactly he is dating. Two most famous names bollywood actress Vidya Balan and tennis sensation Sania Mirza are hearing involving with him.

The Himalayan reported: During the making of Aziz Mirza’s film Kismat Konnection in Canada, much was written about Shahid’s sizzling chemistry with Vidya. But once the movie’s shooting got over and Shahid was spotted with Sania Mirza, the gossip mills shifted gears and speculated that the tennis sensation is perhaps Shahid’s new love.

While we still keep dilly-dallying between Vidya and Sania, Shahid reportedly went on a hush-hush lunch date with Vidya on Sunday.

Shahid was seen with Vidya Balan to give her dropped in the during their lunch break of the sets of Ken Ghosh’s yet-untitled film. May be that is called “Kismat Konnection”.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who is the most favorite actress?

Who is the most favorite actress? No doubt, this is the most debatable question. If you want to get this answer then you have to survey among few actresses who are now giving new movies and making pair with famous actors. In this race, Aishwarya Rai is taking the first position in this list with taking 32% vote. Being a talented actress of the four, Kareena Kapoor stood lower in this list with taking 15% vote. Most of the fans believe that her split with Shahid Kapur is the reason for his unpopularity.

There is no way to admit that Katrina Kaif is the most attractive and successful actress among the new comer.

New comer Deepika Padukone shines more. She is appearing in many new add with Ranbir Kapoor. Some gossip is also spreading around them. They seem to be hot new couple in Bollywood. But she is less popular than Katrina.

For Bollywood fans it was acceptable and reliable. And the quantum of manipulation was not large enough to affect the relative standing of the four actresses.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What is going on between Kareena and Katrina?

Bollywood fans love to make rumor. And it is very common matter in Bollywood. So, stars have been accustomed to this worst but naughty thing. The latest rumor is about two famous actresses Kareena and Katrina. Now, they are the most busty and highest paid actresses in Bollywood. So, naturally anything can go bad between them. What is wrong with them? Are they fighting against each other? If it is yes, then the question comes up to you why.


“I don’t know why people are making such a big deal out of this. There is no problem between Katrina and me. In fact, we get along just fine and she’s an extremely sweet girl. Even at this recent award function we barely met each other, so how can there be cold vibes? There is no war brewing here,” she laughs.

Kareena has admited that there is no clash between her and Katrina. However, Hindi movie fans are worried to think how much it is true. Are they speaking lie to handle their publicity only?

What’s your opinion about these two actresses? Are they good friend or good enemy?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ramma-The Saviour: Character of Great Khali

The 35 year old and 7 feet 3 inches Indian Great Khali (Daleep Singh Rana) is the tallest wrestler in the US wrestling history. With his longest yard and would, he has become the name of disaster in the wrestling ring. He is the first Indian to be signed by the WWE. Now, he had arrived his hometown New Delhi for holiday.

Now, good news for his fans is that he is going to appear in the Bollywood movie. His debut movie will be children adventure film, `Ramma-The Saviour`.

Whole Bollywood industry will burst out with much excitement to see him. Stars Sahil Khan and Tanushree Dutta will act in the main character.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders will be cheered by Khali during their match. And that is why King Khan will have to cost 3 crore.
His character in this movie is not clear. It has been kept secret to increase the curiosity to his fans.
If you want to see a different character of Great Khali. Will he savior or robber?

Chronicles of Great Khali

If you are fan of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) then you will surely know the name of Great Khali. This 7 feet 3 inches tallest and 190 kg weight wrestler is the most famous figure in WWE and the first Indian to be signed up by WWE. However, his real name is Daleep Singh Rana. I know many of you are curious to know the meaning of “Great Khali”. After joining the US showbiz circus he was renamed Khali that is the name of Hindu goddess of destruction.

Now, this 35 year old former Mr. India, titled in 1995 and 1996, has been labeled the “pride of the nation” that is no less than the Indian President. He is now earning r and well amount of money.

He has come from poor family and he was one of seven children of his parents. Because of his poverty, he never went to school. Khali was labor of breaking rocks on road building projects.

During a stint as a security guard he was spotted by a former chief of the Punjab police. This former police offered him a job and turned him on to wrestling. So, Khali is owe to this police man for his well position.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bollywood and Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol and smoking is a common scene in Hindi films. You will not get any Hindi movie where actors or actresses or some extra characters are not acting to have alcohol or smoking. However, according to Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss, as actors are treated as God so their acting of drinking alcohol will encourage young generation to take up the habit. So, he thinks alcohol scene from movie should stop.

“Drinking alcohol in screen should stop” is the most debatable question. Director Farah Khan has given an interesting letter giving her opinion against this ban. She has shown some facts that are strong enough to prove why drinking alcohol and smoking should not be banned.

Some big stars like Amitabh Bachchan, SRK and Saif Ali Khan have come forward to oppose Union Health minister Anbumani Ramadoss for this ban.

However, movie is made to give entertainment not to give education. And actors and actresses are also part of this entertainment. It depends on whom who is taking the bad thing.

Do you think stop depicting alcohol consumption in film can do any good affect to its viewers?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rave Party: A film about the British teenager

Bollywood movie director Prabhakar Shukla is planning to make a film “Rave Party” about the British teenager Scarlette Keeling to show the people what is happening in the Goa. Scarlette’s bruised and semi-naked dead body was found on the Anjuna beach on February 18. She came with her family to celebrate holiday. This is bad luck that she couldn’t return back alive.
Hindustan Times reported:
The film, "Rave Party", will follow the classic Bollywood formula with comic characters, sexy girls and troupes of dancers performing kitsch routines, director of the film, Prabhakar Shukla, was quoted as saying by The Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

Shukla said he wanted to show the seedier side of India's beach paradise.

No doubt it will be a commercial movie where Bollywood movie fan can see and enjoy some dance with song where some girl will dance in a short dress.

However, her initial ruling of accidental death promoted her mother Fiona MacKeown to call for a second autopsy.

Her allegations of a nexus between drug barons, politicians and the police in Goa were denied by the local administration but highlighted lapses in investigation.

Thaindian News reported: T

he second autopsy returned a verdict of rape and murder. A third post-mortem conducted in Britain showed that Indian doctors had removed Scarlette’s kidneys, stomach and uterus without informing Mackeown.

Each report contains different allegation that make Ms Fiona doubt to get which is true.

Not only in India but also all around the world, real-life cinema attracts more people for curiosity to know the truth. Director told that he got inspiration to make this movie.


Prabhakar Shukla told The Times that he would start filming Rave Party in the state of Goa, in southwest India, in July and had already approached Katrina Kaif, a Bollywood actress who was brought up in London, to play Scarlett.

Indian most attracted actress Katrina Kaif will act in the central character. The whole film is against drug abuse and the exploitation of tourist. Drug is a silly matter in India.

Scarlett’s mother is upset and get mentally break. Ms Fiona is in India to collect her daughter’s body parts for burial.

BBC NEWS reported:

She has said she wants to bury her daughter on her land near Bideford, North Devon, but had refused to do that until her daughter's uterus, kidneys and stomach were returned.

Ms MacKeown met with Dr V N Jindal, the dean of the Goa Medical College and Hospital, to collect her organs.

Goa is the most attractive tourist place for visitors. But Indian government doesn’t take any steps for security for tourist and protest the drug dealer, ultimately it lost his attractiveness to travelers.

I hope Indian government should teach some part from this sad story.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ninth IIFA award to be held in Bangkok

The Bollywood version of Oscars and an annual event International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) award function is the most popular and prestigious function in India since 2000. It is going to hold its ninth function in Bangkok this year. It will begin from 6th June to 8th June three days. Whole function will be held at Siam Niramit opera house in Bangkok.

Bollywood film legend Amitabh Bachchan is the brand ambassador of IIFA. You can see some change in this awarded like green carpet exchange of red carpet. This year the IIFA World Premier at Major Cineplex, Bangkok, will showcase the much awaited Sarkar Raj, starring Indian Film icons Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and directed by one of the most sought after Indian Director's Ram Gopal Varma.

However, at the end I can say that just wait and see and keep watching on TV. I hope Thailand’s natural beauty and hospitality will make ninth IIFA award different and attractive to others.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Amitabh's bigadda blog

Film actors take different ways to increase their fans. No doubt, website can keep an important role in this way. Now, recently Amitabh Bachchan, Indian film megastar who is also known as Big B, has opened a blog for his fans where he is writing about his life which has triggered a flood of responsible from around the world.

His site is Certainly it is an uncommon and interesting site which can raise some question in your mind. However, “Adda” is Hindi word that carries a word of meaning a big get-together of friends. However, he uses the site to share his thoughts, discuss upcoming movies and answer questions from fans.

It is true that blog is a popular means of medium to share emotion and express view freely and there is no restriction to it.

The 65 year old movie legend, who has already made more than 100 movies, had been persuaded by his friends to start writing.

He told, “It gives me a chance to interact with my fans on a personal basis”.

Now, Amitabh Bachchan is thinking to employ people to help him send the replies. He is scaring to loss his finger because of replying many messages.

The actor got more than 500 comments from people wishing him a speedy recovery after he recently injured his hip.

His new movie "Bhootnath," or "Devil Uncle" will be released next month. May be you will get some latest information about movie in this blog.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Case of Khan v/s Khan

Conflict between actors in Bollywood is not new. Most conflicting actors are two Khans. They are Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. I have found a report in NDTV website named: Aamir playing the number game. Aamir Khan is well known to his fans as Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist. Mr Perfectionist says that Shah Rukh always like to be in the second position. And it is also heard that conflict is going to be extended in cricket game where Aamir is supposed to be a franchisee of IPL or to do something for ICL.

Aamir Khan has told that this is a rumour. Do you think it is rumour? If it is not rumour who will win in this race?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Shahrukh Khan promised to see 'Taare Zameen Par' with kids

Khan is a four-letter word but it is very powerful in Bollywood. This four word can spells box-office magic. If you are fan of Hindi movie then you already know that Khans are taking the top position among the actors. Any Bollywood celebration without their presence is incomplete. However, Zee Network could make the impossible thing possible for their 15th anniversary celebration at the Taj Lands End on Sunday after accumulating three khans. IndiaFM has brought a photo where you can see two Khans Shahrukh and Aamir who were celebrating each other for their success of new release movie. Aamir Khan invited Shahrukh to see his new movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Nevertheless, Shahrukh also promised to see the movie with his kids.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kumari Fulbright: Accused kidnapping her ex-boyfriend

The most browsed news is Kumari Fulbright who was accused to kidnap and rob her ex-boyfriend. People are searching more this news in Google search. I know you also excited to know details the reason of becoming the top browsed topic of Kumari Fulbright. She is law student of University of Arizona and former beauty queen. She is Indian origin American born girl. She is 25 year old girl that is enough for any girl to pass the time with enjoy. Most of the time we heard that beautiful girls are soft-heated but for Kumari Fulbright it is totally different as she is alleged for kidnapped her ex-boyfriend. Not only this but also she robbed her ex-boyfriend and tortured him.

Arizona Daily Star reported:

Fulbright, 25, and three men are accused of tying up a 24-year-old man with plastic cable and duct tape Dec. 8 and holding him captive at two residences, one on the North Side and the other in Midtown, according to court documents.

Court documents say the four suspects pointed pistols at the man, threatened his life and stole his wallet, cell phone, briefcase and $500 to $600 in cash.

"(Fulbright) specifically bit him several times while he was bound, stuck a butcher knife in his ear and said she was going to kill him, pointed a pistol at him," the documents say.

It is really unexpected from any educated and beautiful girl. However, police gave no motive for the alleged assault. So, we can’t accuse her as a guilty. However, we hope that the main reason will be discovered soon and we can know the main criminal.