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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chak de India: Shah Rukh Khan would play hockey

Millions of fans have already known the role of Shah Rukh in his new movie which will release on August 10, Kabir Khan as a coach of India’s women national coach. His fans are waiting for this movie. Hockey is the national game in India. But now cricket is the most famous game in India. That is why young generation trend to play more cricket. That is why national game of India, hockey day by day is going to unfamiliar and unknown name to young people. May be one day India’s young generation read it in their history book.

Interesting news is that Bollywood king Shah Rukh would play hockey in his school life. Shah Rukh Khan admits that he would play hockey well and he liked to play it more. But many changes have shown in this game over the year. Really it is dangerous and risky game for healthy person. reported: Before shooting ‘Chak De India’, SRK says he thought he would be able to beat the girls in stamina and skills on the hockey field. But SRK was wrong.
While training for the film, he found that the techniques of the game have changed a great deal. On top of it, he found it physically strenuous to play on Astroturf.
“I thought I would be able to beat the girls. But they kicked my butt! They were really good and I am no good at playing field hockey,” SRK is quoted as saying by an entertainment site.

I think after hearing this news, his fans keen to play hockey and again Indian can prove their talent in this game. And hockey will revive again.

Chak de India: Latest Interview of Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, the last super star of Bollywood, is the most discussed name for his new movie ‘Chak de India’ where he acted a role of women’s national hockey coach. For this movie he has to grow up his hair and beard what looks him sexy.

In ‘Chak de India’, there Shah Rukh acted in a different role where you can’t see him to act any romantic scene.

Chak de India is the most important movie for King Khan. This movie can take him into lime-light after his two flopped movies Swades and Pahei. This is also a challenging role where other directors and producers are making movie with cricket, most interesting and played game in India. Can Shah Rukh take this challenge easily?

However, dear readers I have given below a links where you will get new interview of Shah Rukh on his next big release movie ‘Chak de India’, where Shah Rukh said an interesting speech to the reporters. He said, Chak De India girls kicked my butt”. there is the link where you will get Shah Rukh’s latest interview.

Title song of “Chak de India”

Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie “Chak de India” will release on August 10. Producer and directors have already started their advertisement. Now, in this movie, their title song is shown in many music channels. So, many people are now browsing to see this song. Now, in this topic I have given Chak de India’s title song. See it below:-

(Title song)

This music video is shown in every music channels. It is really nice. Here you can see King Khan with 13 girls who act his new movie “Chak de India.”

(Full song)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Urvashi turns actress from model

Urvashi Sharma, the luckiest debutant in Bollywood who debut her career with the Abbas-Mustan’s most crime thriller movie “Naqaab” turns herself from model. Her debut movie is not doing well but she rocked the Bollywood with her attractive figure along with nice smile.

So, Abbas-Mustan wants to use her in his next movie. Another good news is waiting for her fans that is their famous actress has been signed for eight movie with TIPS Films.

Urvashi is a good model. From her childhood she wanted to be a model. For this she had to work hard. As for her short height, Urvashi didn’t get any big offer.

However, wee can see her many big endorsement like Ponds, TBZ and Garnier.

Bollywood Entertainment reported: Urvashi is not a new name in modeling with being the face of Ponds, TBZ and Garnier. Urvashi is refraining from appearing much in media before the release of her first flick which Ramesh Taurani, head honcho of Tips Music justifies as a part of a strategy thought through by them. He explains that, ‘Urvashi’s character is integral to the central plot of the film, and by far we have kept her under wraps. We want the audience to judge her performance unbiased.’

Be good model was not easy for Urvashi then she tried her best and make true her dream. Actually her determined reach her in this position.

All about Urvashi Sharma

Most of the directors like to work with new actors and actresses. May be people want to see new face in new film so. Sometimes hit depends on new actor and actress. That is why Abbas-Mustan surprises the whole Bollywood taking new actress in her new released movie “Naqaab”. This surprise girl is Urvashi Sharma has already got famous to her fans. If you see her debut movie Naqaab then you surely know something about this girl. If you don’t know about her and if you keen to know her inns and outs then visit the links what I have given below:-'m+living+my+dreams%3a+Urvashi+Sharma

Hot and sexy video of Urvashi Sharma

Urvashi Sharma told to her interview that she don’t feel any problem to act hot scene. Her debut film “Naqaab” she acted some hot scene. That is why her fans discover her as a hot and sexy actress among all new comers.
However, I have given you a video in this link there you can see three hot video of Urvashi Sharma in her debut movie “Naqaab”.

So, go ahead and see your favorite actress’s hot and sexy video.

Urvashi's sister will debut in Bollywood

Most of the websites and news reporters have already written many article so; I didn’t get any new topic to writer about her. Do you know who is she? Yes, she is most browsed name and leading actress in ‘Naqaab’ who debut in Bollywood with Abbas-Mustan’s most crime thriller movie. And I can’t understand how I can start my writing as this topic is most important than her. In this topic I am going to write about her sister who is also a model and going to debut in Bollywood as early as possible.

Urvashi Sharma has admitted that her sister is her best friend and except her sister she has no friend. So, obviously she can expect to see her sister in Bollywood.

India FM reported: Well now, if Urvashi is to be believed, her sister too has set her sights on Bollywood. “Yes, my sister will also enter the film industry very soon”, said she.
Though she did not divulge much about her sister’s foray into filmdom we came to know that there is only a one year difference between the two and that her name is Sucheta Sharma.

It’s only time to see her sister to act any film against any famous hero as her younger sister who is younger than her only one year; Urvashi Sharma has already debut in film and has signed with TIPS Films to act more eight films.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Interview of Urvashi Sharma-3

I think it is not unknown to all that most of the news reporters choose Urvashi Sharma to write about herself. That is why we can see many interview of Urvashi Sharma in many news papers and websites.

Dear Urvashi fans you have already known that she is the luckiest debutant in Bollywood.

What is most important to be a model nice body shape, talenty, patients or luck? May be Urvashi Sharma has got luck along with nice figure and positive attitude.

There I have given an interview of Urvashi Sharma where you will get the news of her debut in Bollywood, career, aim, family life etc etc.

So go ahead and read the interview if you are great fans of Urvashi Sharma:-

Urvashi Sharma-Interview

In this interview you will get everything what you want to know. So, don’t spend time to think more. And visit this link as early as possible.

Is Shah Rukh the last super star?

Shah Rukh Khan is familiar face not only in India but also in Indian subcontinent. So, in the same time people of South Asia can see him and made themselves his fans. If you ever see any Hindi film where this actor acted then your brain should help you to remind who is Shah Rukh. And then some movie of Shah Rukh should raise up in your eyes. Actually Shah Rukh reach in a top position where no one actor or actress couldn’t reach ever and can’t in the future. As a result when people listen Shah Rukh’s new movie is coming then no one asks any question about the film preview or side actors.

Shah Rukh Khan means minimum get back total cost what producer spent for movie.

Now Shah Rukh’s fans raise a controversy and debate involved with Amitabh Bachchan.

The debate is who is bigger- Baadshah or Shaenshah of Bollywood.

This is old and most exciting debate. And no one knows when this debate will finish.

With his new movie “Chat de India” Shah Rukh Khan has raised another deliberation that is he is the last super star in Bollywood. reported: Khan claims that changes in the entertainment industry means superstars are a dying breed. He says, "The entertainment industry is changing rapidly, with the growth of satellite

Channels and multiplexes. Soon there will not be any superstars. I would like to believe that I am the last superstar of India."

Shah Rukh Khan is a popular and familiar super star- no doubt about it. But is he really the last super star? What do you think dear readers?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Interview of Urvashi Sharma-2

If I ask you who is the luckiest debutant actress in Bollywood then your answer should be Urvashi Sharma. Why not dear readers?

Urvashi Sharma has taken her place in Bollywood perfectly with her talent and patients. Actually we saw many actresses who came in Bollywood link her parents with media people. But surprising news is that Urvashi Sharma had no relation with any media people. She was a model. And for her short height she didn’t get any big offer. How did this 5ft 8inch model debut in Bollywood?

In her interview to she told that she doesn’t feel any problem to act hot scene.

Now see below her new interview where she has expressed many untold speech:-

I've no problems doing hot scenes: Urvashi Sharma

Urvashi Sharma- Naqaab:Trivia

If you are fan of Urvashi Sharma then you should want to know more news about your favorite and sexy actress. I my links I have given much news about Urvashi. So, go ahead and read more.

Latest Interview of Urvashi Sharma

It is true that Urvashi Sharma is the luckiest debutant in Bollywood and she is the top browsed name in net. Most of the browsers are young boys. With her first movie she has already made many young male fans. Urvashi Sharma is the only one actress who has made a miracle debut in Bollywood with the Abbas-Mustan’s crime thrilling movie “Naqaab”. That is why all types of people keen to know about ‘Urvashi Sharma’.

How Urvashi did the impossible thing possible?

In Bollywood, if you don’t have any relation between your parents and media people then it should be difficult to work in film or write name as an actress. But Urvashi has done it possible. And for this she didn’t need to sacrifice anything. She turns herself as an actress from model. All actors have admitted that Urvashi has attractive figure what attraction the people. Urvashi Sharma’s elder sister is going to debut in Bollywood as early as possible.

Most of the young fans of Urvashi Sharma feels agree to know herself and see her interview. For this I have given below Urvashi Sharma’s latest Interview:-


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Urvashi Sharma has signed eight films with TIPS Films

In this year we have got many new faces in Bollywood where Urvashi Sharma is the shiniest name then other new comers. This debutant actress wrote her name in Bollywood with the Abbas-Mustan’s crime thrilling movie “Naqaab”. But this actress had to work hard to be a model. Her height most of the websites mentioned 5ft 8 inch but the true is that she is 5ft 7inch girl what is the big obstacle to be a model and for this she didn’t get any big offer. Do you want to know how he did it possible?

I think she is the luckiest model who turned into actress from model being her short height. And her parents had no relation with media people. That is why her enter in Bollywood was really difficult. This Punjabi girl has already taken place to all young boys mind. Her first movie is doing well in box-office. Now, Urvashi Sharma is the most browsed topic in net. Different ages people keen to know about her.

This luckiest debutant has already signed many new films. Director Abbas-Mustan wants to sign with her in his next movies. This hot and sexy actress has been signed for their eight-film with TIPS Films.

IndiaGlitz reported: Like most A-list heroines in Bollywood, Urvashi too started her career as a model. Having been the face of PONDS, TBZ and Garnier, Urvashi soon conquered the modeling circuit by her sheer beauty, grace and professionalism. With striking features and poise she rapidly made her way into Bollywood and bagged an eight-film contract with TIPS Films.

So, we can hope to see her quickly new movie produced by TIPS Films. Most of the producer was bound to admit her praise. She is really an intelligent girl. She should break her male fans to show her acting.
Urvashi Sharma interview (1)
Urvashi Sharma interview (2)
Urvashi Sharma interview (3)

Chak de India: Shah Rukh Khan's message to his fans

Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie “Chak De India” is coming quickly. Everything has already finished of this movie just waiting to release. Shah Rukh Khan who has acted different types of characters more than 50 movies now plays a different role of this movie too. He plays a role of women’s hockey coach in this movie. Shah Rukh Khan is a former captain and hockey player who knows how to come back from dead. And under his coaching women’s hockey get back their previous glamour. Most of we have already know the main theme of this movie.

The main purpose of this movie is how to re-set hockey as a national game. I think everybody knows hockey is the national game of India. India has invented this sport. But in case of other popular sports like cricket and football, hockey lost his position. Now, young generation see dream to be a cricketer like Tendulkar and MS Dhoni. Nobody wants to be a hockey player. That is why Shah Rukh wants Indian people take this game seriously. Otherwise this sport will take place in the history.

Actually Shah Rukh Khan plays a role of messenger. His message to his all fans and young generation of India who likes cricket or football most. Does his new film will help to revive hockey as a popular game and make conscious to young people to keen in this game?

It should be difficult because where other producer produce money to make movie about cricket or football.

TIMESONLINE reported: But Khan is taking a professional risk. With the exception of the Oscar-nominated Lagaan (2001), which dealt with cricket, there are hardly any successful sporting Indian films. Was he aware that the film may fail? “If people such as me who are at the top of our work do not take chances and make different kinds of cinema, no one else will,” the actor reasons.

And Khan’s mission may well succeed – Bollywood stars are treated like gods. Why is this so? “In this country entertainment is the last achievement for the common man,” he says. “People regard me as taking away their everyday sadness for three hours, when they can sit in a dark, air-conditioned hall and see me fulfil their dreams. Shah Rukh Khan gives hope to people.”

Bollywood starts are treated like gods. Their message is more powerful than political leader and novelist. When they say not to do any bad things then people take like order from their famous and popular starts. So, I think most of his fans should take it like order and keen interest to play hockey.

The last Indian superstar

Monday, July 23, 2007

Shah Rukh as a play back singer

Now I am going to give you an interesting news that one may be unknown to some people. Do you want to know what the interesting news is? Have you ever seen Shah Rukh Khan to sing a song? Shah Rukh Khan is the first actor who play back as a singer. He sang two songs in two movies.

How were these songs? How people take it? For you, readers I have given these two songs below. So go ahead and see these two video songs. Then mark Is Shah Rukh well as a play back singer?

Apun Bola- Shah Rukh first play back this song in ‘Josh (2000) movie. It was an interesting and comedy type song. See Shah Rukh to sing a song with Aish.

Khaike Paan Banaraswala- it was the second play back song in ‘Donmovie.

Shah Rukh khan as a producer

Producer means who gives money to make movie. Producer may be actor, actress or any person. Now, in this topic I will tell an actor’s name who is also a famous producer. This actor has been titled “Baadshah” for his hit film ‘Baadshah’. I think you know whom I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about Shah Rukh Khan. He is most popular and famous actor in Bollywood whose position is in the top level among all actors.

This actor already wrote his name in the list of Producer producing Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (2000) and Asoka (2001). But his two movies were box-office failures. Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla together made a production company and named Dreamz Unlimited. These two intelligent actors also got success with their third movie Chalte Chalte. It could hit the box-office. May be it was the third and last movie of this production company. Then Shah Rukh set up a new production company and named ‘Red Chillies Entertainment and produced’. This production company’s first movie was Main Hoon Na it was another hit movie.

Some movies of his production are Main Hoon Na, Paheli etc.

King Khan also produced a super natural horror movie Kaal with his best friend who is announced best director Karan Johar.

In this year a new movie Om Shanti Om is coming under his producing. And Shah Rukh Khan has keen to produce more movie and write his name as a perfect producer.

Shah Rukh Khan as an actor

All about Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan as an actor, Profile, Website, Pictures

I think I don’t need to be introduced any more about Shah Rukh. Shah Rukh Khan is a familiar name not only in India but also too Indian sub continent people. If you see Indian film then you surely have heard the name of Shah Rukh. Shah Rukh is a common face as an actor in Bollywood. He stands in the top level among all actors where no one could reach and can reach in the future.

However, Baadshah Khan debut his Bollywood film with Deewana (1992) and his first movie which was hit the box-office and launched his position in Bollywood perfectly. Then he acted many movies which films made him super hero. Interesting thing is that he has got “Baadshah” title for his Baadshah movie. Shah Rukh Khan has acted different types of movies which was given us much entertainment.

Now, King Khan’s new movie “Chak De India” (2007) is coming quickly which will push him under many problems. “Chak De India” is made with the story of hockey game. Shah Rukh Khan acted the role of coach of Indian women’s National hockey team. It is the big banner movie of Yash Raj Films.

First time Aditya Chopra depends on Shah Rukh as where his most of the films flopped in this year. It is a big challenge for Shah Rukh Khan. His new movie “Chak De India” directed by Shimit Amin will be released on August 10, 2007.

So, it is only the time to see can Shah Rukh “Chak De India” with his new movie. Dear Shah Rukh fans so wait for a different types of movies acted by Shah Rukh Khan. Don’t miss this film if you are female fan of Shah Rukh Khan. I am sure “Chak De India” will help you to raise your mind and to work impossible thing.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Urvashi Sharma was a model

Being Punjabi girl, Urvashi Sharma brought up in Delhi. So, she passed her childhood in this city. Urvashi Sharma had a dream to be a model since her childhood. At last he could make true her dream true. Most of the Websites and news report mentioned her height is 5ft 8 inch but it is not true. She is 5 ft 7 inch model. For his height she couldn’t get any good offer.

How this girl made herself as a model and debut in Bollywood as an actress? And another unbelievable news is that her parents had no connection with movie industry and still they have no good relation with any movie industry. Urvashi Sharma has an elder sister who is her best friend. Her sister is also an actress. Most of the news report announced that her sister also going to debut Bollywood as an actress.

How these two sisters made it possible? See these links what I have given below:-

Urvashi Sharma: The new face of Bollywood (2)

Urvashi Sharma: The new face of Bollywood (1)

You will get everything about Urvashi Sharma and her family there. I hope you will like these links.

Host Shah Rukh Khan in "Kaun Banega Crorepati"

You will not get any people in India or Indian subcontinent country who never heard the name of Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is a house hold name in every country for satellite TV. So, other countries people can see this hot favorite actor and also can enjoy his movies too. Shah Rukh Khan has more than millions of fans out side the India. He is also a hot favorite name to his female fans. For his crazy fans he can’t go anywhere without high security. Shah Rukh Khan is a big name to all directors and big company. After opening the TV set we can see every channel Shah Rukh Khan dancing in a biscuit advertisement or giving opinion to his fans put on special company’s shoe.

Except these, we also can see King Khan as a host of the popular game Kaun Banega Crorepati, of the third series. Shah Rukh has taken over from Amitabh Bachchan who had hosted this show from 2000 to 2005. After taking host position the game has got more popularity. Shah Rukh makes participants confused.

But a dear reader who is most popular to you hosts Shah Rukh Khan in Kaun Banega Crorepati or actor Shah Rukh Khan?

An unknown history of Shah Rukh Khan

Now, I will tell a history how a boy turns into a popular actor. May be it was unknown to you or you knew it. This boy is familiar to his fans and friends as Shahrukh Khan. Do you know Shahrukh Khan’s parents came from in Pakistan? So, Shahrukh Khan is an origin by Pakistan. But Shahrukh believes he is an Indian at heart and India is his beloved country. For his best performance in Bollywood, he has named Badshah Khan.

Badshah Khan debut in Bollywood in 1995 in the romantic film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. But before acting of this movie, Shahrukh Khan acted many Hindi serial.

“He started his acting career in 1988 by appearing in the television series Fauji playing the role of Commando Abhimanyu Rai.[11] He then played a role in the serial Circus in 1989 [12], which depicted the life of circus performers. That same year he also had a minor role in the television film In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones, written by Arundhati Roy and based on the life in Delhi University. After the death of his parents Khan moved from New Delhi to Mumbai for a fresh start in 1991.” (Information collected from WIKIPEDIA)

Then no one saw him to act any TV serial. May be he will not do acting in any TV serial. But if he does then this serial should be famous to his fans.

Chak de Shah Rukh (India)

Yash Chopra and Shahrukh Khan both are big name in Bollywood. Shasrukh Khan is a big actor-there is no doubt. His position is in the top level in Bollywood where other actor can’t reach. Shahrukh Khan has billions of fans all over of the world. Where he goes there man fans do gathering around him. Not only his fans but also media take Shahrukh and made new story. Shahrukh Khan’s new film directed by Shimit Amin “Chak De India” is coming. It will release as early as possible. It’s about Women hockey. Shahrukh Khan has acted an Indian coach of women’s hockey team who didn’t know the thrilling energy being India team.

However, this movie is coming in Yash Chopra’s banner. Before this movie Chopa production released many movies in this year like Tara Rum Pum, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom etc have flopped at box-office so, Indian people can’t take their new movie with happy. Then Chopra production feels big expectation as Badshah Khan has acted in this movie. This movie has already fallen into worst eyes of the coach of women’s hockey team.

The coach has already threatened to Yash Chopra. What did he tell? See below:

Bollywood reported: Every time there seems to be new problems that crop up, the recent one is for their film Chak De India and involves differences between the lead star Shahrukh Khan and the director Shimit Amin. Another problem is that the Women’s Hockey Association has demanded that they be shown the film prior to its release and have also warned Yash Raj Films that they will take action against them if the women’s hockey team have been portrayed in a bad light.

This is a big task for Badshah Khan if he fail then he will lose his position in Bollywood. And if this film can hit the box-office then Shahrukh Khan will take position over the Big B. Can Badshah Khan show his best where all movies go throw to a bad time?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Profile of Rani Mukherjee

Name: Rani Mukerji

Father’s name: Ram Mukherjee

Mother’s name: Krishna

Family Member: 4

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Occupation/Profession: actress

Date of Birth: March 21, 1978

Birth Sign: Aries

Height: 5’1

Nationality: Indian

First Movie (Bangla): Biyar Phool (1992)

(Hindi): Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat(1996)

Filmfare Awards

Years active 1996 - present


Rani Mukerji - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- All about Rani Mukerji.

Salman-Govinda "Partner"

Salman Khan who is most famous as play boy in Bollywood acted with comedy actor Govinda in “Partner” has already released today in India every big cinema hall. Salman Khan is the most disguised name in Bollywood for having relationship with many actresses. But it is true that there is not any actor in Bollywood like tall, muscular, healthier and handsome like Salman Khan. Salman Khan was going throw bad times after clash with many actors and actresses. So, no one wants to work with this play boy hero. At last Govinda keens to act with him.

“Partner” is a comedy movie which was directed by David Dhawan also made many comedy movies like Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Chor Machaye Shor, Biwi No. 1 these types of super hit comedy movies. David also determined about his new also. And he told that “Partner” will break all previous record among all comedy movies.

Sahara Samay reported: “Salman and Govinda have their respective love interests in Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif in the film. What is surprising is the fact that Salman is not paired with his real-life girlfriend Katrina Kaif in the film.
Katrina is Govinda's love interest and Lara Dutta is paired with Salman.”

Salman Khan means minimum semi-hit film as there is also another comedy hero Govinda also acted so we can accept to see this movie in a top list and most laughly comedy which no one ever made before.

Partner is a laugh riot!


Partner hits theatres across India

Boyfriend's Impotence An Issue For Elderly Partner, But Not For Him

Plains All American Pipeline Declares Increased Distribution on

Video song of Urvashi Sharma in "Naqaab"

5.8 inch actress Punjabi girl Urvashi Sharma who debut in Bollywood by Abbas-Mustan’s crime thrilling movie “Naqaab” has an attractive figure which can attraction all ages peoples eyes easily. “Naqaab” was her new movie. She has named her name in the list of hot and sexy Bollywood actress with this movie and got famous as “Naqaab” is doing well than other new released movie. Video song of “Naqaab” movie has been got more expectation to general people.

Now, I have given below some video songs of “Naqaab” where you can see Urvashi Sharma in a hot look. So, dear readers go ahead and watch new Bollywood sensation Urvashi Sharma hot:-

Ek Din- most famous new song in Bollywood where people discover Urvashi in a hot scene.

Ae Dil- this is another hot favorite song to Indian people. Watch now.

Ai Dil pagal- This is remix song. And we also can see Indian young generation is really made for Urvashi Sharma-

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some hot pictures of Urvashi Sharma

This is not new in Bollywood to make chaos after debut Hindi movie as an actress. Many actresses did this before. Then Urvashi Sharma is different than others. And with her debut movie she also wrote her name as a most attractive and hot actress. Is Urvashi Sharma really hottie? Now, whole Indian people divided into two parts about this topic. One part is told she is nice but not hottie and another part is told she is nice and hottie too. It’s really a hard debate competition. People can past day after day. This actress has acted only one movie. This one is “Naqaab” which one has already released and hit the box-office. Urvashi Sharma is a Punjabi girl, for this reason her most of the fans are Punjabi. Urvashi Sharma has an attractive and nice figure which attraction different ages people. That is why her most of the fans are young generation.

Pixrat = from this website you will get 12 pictures in different style. this web site contain some exclusive pictures what you ever didn’t see before.

ApniPhotos= ApniPhotos has collected some photos of Urvashi Sharma with “Naqaab” actors. There are 12 pictures.

Bollywood ka fanda= this blog owner has uploaded lot of hottie and beautiful pictures of Urvashi Sharma what you can use as wallpaper.

Bw Bw Torrents is a famous web site in India for actresses pictures. There I have got many sexy photos of Urvashi Sharma. I think you also like it. So visit this web site. is an Indian web site. It is famous for many actresses’ pictures. Here I have got many pictures of Urvashi Sharma. I am sure you can finish to see these pictures one day.

Urvashi Sharma Pictures/Images

Abbas-Mustan’s second crime thriller movie “Naqaab’s” hottie actress who debut with this movie, Urvashi Sharma has already made chaos in Bollywood. Most of the Bollywood film makers are gathering in front of her house. But this strong and beautiful girl didn’t want to sign any movie before the release of her debut movie “Naqaab”. Now her more two new movies is coming directed by Abbas-Mustan.

Most of the Indian young boys are agree to see her images/photos. For this I have collected many images/photos by web browse. See below:- there is more pictures of Urvashi Sharma. And these pictures are different than others.

India fm = in this website you will get some pictures/ images of “Naqaab” movie.

Hamara Photos= Hamara Photos is nice website for actress of Urvashi Sharma. There are 40 pictures/images of Urvashi Sharma in different angle.

Hamara Photos= dear readers there are few sexy pictures/images of Urvashi Sharma which you can use as wallpaper in your computer. Urvashi Sharma has already wrote her name in the level of hottie actress. There are some hot and sexy pictures/images of Urvashi Sharma. See this.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Govinda in "PARTNER"

Govinda is the most famous name in India for his comedy acting. Is there anyone who can act nicely in comedy movie like Govinda? I think the answer will be ‘0’ after find out the history of Bollywood among all actor and actress.

It is true that he couldn’t raise his position in to the level of Shah Rukh or Amir. Then he is the most deceived name in Bollywood and his movie stands top position always. Before his new comedy movie “PARTNER” he acted Bhagam Bhag, Dil Laga Ke Dekho, Jewellery Box etc which was hit the box-office as a comedy movie. So, undoubtedly he is the pioneer for future comedy actor.

Govinda has a natural acting power. With this power he can make any character real and lovely. You didn’t get any people who never laugh to see Govanda’s movie. And Govinda is an actor who can give the people charm in a sad seen. Really it is a great power of Govinda. If you see Bhagam Bhag then you shouldn’t miss his next movie “PARTNER” which will release next week directed by David Dhawan. And may be it is the first movie where Govinda first has acted with Bollywood playboy Salman Khan.

THE TIMES OF INDIA reported: “Director David Dhawan has a knack for making successful comedies and he is back with another laugh riot called Partner, starring Salman Khan and Govinda.
The two actors team up for the first time in the film releasing on Friday. The movie also has Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif who play partners to Salman and Govinda respectively.
The story is simple but with Salman playing the 'love guru' giving tips to Govinda, it can be an interesting watch. While former plays a super cool stud, the latter will be seen as a simpleton.”

So, dear readers watch the movie of these partners and enjoy. I think it shouldn’t be most comedies movie all over of the world where you can see fatty and short Govinda a partner of a muscular Salman Khan.

Ali Larter in "Marigold"

We have seen many Bollywood actresses to go to Hollywood to act their movie. And some Bollywood actress got praises for their acting. Now first time any Hollywood actress came in Bollywood to act as an actress role. Who is the actress? How many movies did she act?

The actress is Ali Larter and it is the first movie of her life. Ali Later debut his glamorous career with this film. He acted opposite to Bollywood playboy and famous for having many relationship with many girls Salman Khan in “Marigold” movie.

Anyone will feel agree to work with this handsome and muscular actor.

Ali Larter feel happy to act in this movie and she believes that the movie will help her to get good reputation.

Interesting thing is that play boy Salman Khan has promised with “Marigold” co-star Ali Larter to visit India’s most attractive place Taj Mahal. Ali had great desire to see Taj Mahal.

Now, see the expectation of Ali Larter in South Asian Women's Forum, India: “According to a DNA report, 31-year-old Ali has always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal and came close to doing so while filming Willard Carroll directed Marigold, in which she co-stars opposite Salman.

A song and dance sequence was planned to be shot in Agra but was cancelled because Ali fell ill filming in Rajashthan, as a result of which the entire unit moved back to Bombay. The song was filmed in Bombay itself and later Ali returned to the US.”

So, Ali Larter can see her dream place Taj Mahal and act in a movie too.

Abhishek Bachchan in "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom"

After seeing this movie one question comes in my mind that is where is my destination and where it is left. Because this movie started suddenly what is happened to other movie but the main problem is that the director failed to make a good finishing.

I can’t think what the main theme of this movie was. Starting of this movie we can see Big B (Amitabh Bachchan) was dancing wearing a strange dress which was made with many torn cloth just like a pied piper of Hamelin. Big B was the most mystery character in this film. Can anyone tell me what his role was? However, I am going to describe shortly about “Jhoom Barbara Jhoom” movie. Rikki and Alvira first met in a railway station briefly where they came to receive their life partner. Rikki (Abhishek Bachchan) is a Punjabi boy who lives in London but still he believes he is an Indian and always behaves like an Indian and Alvira (Preity Zinta) is a Pakistani girl (Lahore) lives in Britain and always try to show herself as a British girl. These two characters first met in Station. They were waiting for their life partner in a restaurant in a same table what we see in every bollywood movie near to station. First time Alvira ignored Rikki for his peculiar dress. But at a time they talk each other and told their love story. They give their number to each other and leave the station after reaching the train. At a time they can realize that it was a false story then they fall in love.

After seeing this, people can wish to see a sweet and comedy love story. But no. The film break peoples expectation. Then we can see Rikki and Steve (Bobby Deol) move around the whole country to find out Alvira’s address. Then we also see some boring song and scene.

The film was directed by Shad Ali who also directed two famous movies those are Bunty Aur Bably and Saathiys, how Shad Ali made this film. Did he forget how to make movie well?

Lara Dutta had a short role so she can’t show her best then I think she is best among all actor and actress in this movie. She acted role of Pairs girl.

At last I just say this is not more than a boring movie. So, actor and actress can get prize for boring acting and story for JBJ.

Jhoom Barbara Jhoom will be awarded for boring acting and story

After seeing this movie one question raise in my mind that is where is my destination and where it is left. Because this movie started suddenly what is happened to other movie but the main problem is that the producer failed to make a good finishing.

I can’t think what the main theme of this movie was. Starting of this movie we can see Big B (Amitabh Bachchan) was dancing wearing a strange dress which was made with many torn cloth just like a pied piper of Hamelin. Big B was the most mystery character in this film. Can anyone tell me what his role was? However, I am going to describe shortly about “Jhoom Barbara Jhoom” movie. Rikki and Alvira first met in a rail way station briefly where they came to receive their life partner. Rikki (Abhishek Bachchan) is a Punjabi boy who lives in London but still he believes he is an Indian and always do behave like an Indian and Alvira (Preity Zinta) is a Pakistani girl (Lahore) lives in Britain and always try to show herself as a British girl. These two characters first met in Station. They were waiting for their life partner in a restaurant in a same table what we see in every bollywood movie near to station. First time Alvira ignore Rikki for his peculiar dress. But at a time they talk each other and told their love story. They give their number to each other and left the station after reaching the train. At a time they can realize that it was a false story then they fall in love.

After seeing this, people can wish to see a sweet and comedy love story. But no. The film break peoples expectation. Then we can see Rikki and Steve (Bobby Deol) move around the whole country to find out Alvira’s address. Then we also see some boring song and scene.

The film was directed by Shad Ali who also directed two famous movies those are Bunty Aur Bably and Saathiys, how Shad Ali made this film. Did he forget how to make movie well?

Lara Dutta had a short role so she can’t show her best then I think she is best among all actor and actress in this movie. She acted role of Pairs girl.

At last I just say this is not more than a boring movie. So, actor and actress can get prize for boring acting and story for JBJ.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Aishwarya Rai in "Jodhaa Akbar"

Aishwarya Rai is the famous name is Bollywood. Always film makers gathering in front of her house to make her actress in their movie. Before her marriage she was the most attractive name for her male fans. Her male fans knew that they can’t make Aishwarya their life partner then they saw dream to make a better and happy life with this beautiful girl. But at last tall hero Abhishek Bachchan snatch this beautiful girl.

A good news for Aishwarya fans and Indian peoples that Aishwarya announced among the 10 most beautiful girl. Aishwarya Rai, the former miss world has been placed ninth position in the list of 100 most beautiful girls by the current Harpers and Queen magazine.

Now, I will tell about Aishwarya’s next movie “Jodhaa Akbar” directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar is coming quickly. In this movie Aishwarya Rai has acted in a central role whose name is Jodhaa.

Every body knows that Aishwarya is the best actress for historical movie. She has acted many historical movies like Umrao Jaan, Chokher Bali, Devdas, Guru etc.

Jodhaa Akbar is a historical and auto biographical movie. Jodhaa is a historical character. Ashutosh Gowarikar selected Ash for this character. This is undoubtedly a difficult character. I think God made his face especially for historical movie. Then some things make this type of character difficult and hard. Can Ash show this character easily and show her talent?

Hrithik is growing up his real moustache for "Jodhaa Akbar" movie

It is known to all that Hrithik Roshan has acted in “Jodhaa Akbar” film as an Akbar character.

We have heard that actor and actress do many thing for their movie as people feel agree to see the movie. Like Amir Khan who grow his moustache to focus his character in the movie.

Now, Hrithik is going to grow up his moustache for Jodhaa Akbar movie suggested by camera man James. reported: Meanwhile, the lead actor of JODHAA AKBAR, Hrithik Roshan, seems to be following the example of his senior, Aamir Khan, as not only has he gone over selective but realistic too! Reportedly, Hrithik is growing a real moustache, at the advice of his make-up man, James.
According to unit sources, James showed Hrithik some close up shots where his real stubble was visible behind the fake moustache and it was then and there that Hrithik decided to grow a real one!

We hope lead character Hrithik will keep his real moustache until Jodhaa Akbar will release and his fans can’t see him with a real moustache like Mughal emperor Akbar.

Ashutosh Gowarikar's "Jodhaa Akbar"

Hrithik Roshan who is the most famous actor to child for his “Krrish” role. Not only to child but also he is famous near to teenage people for his Dhoom 2 and others. Within a short time, this famous actor has already acted many super hit films and got many prizes. Indian people like him for his natural acting and dance. It is true that no one actor can dance like him. Hrithik is really different than others for his nice dance and different type of action.

However, Hrithik Roshan is coming with his new movie “Jodhaa Akbar”. In this movie we can see him in a different character. “Jodhaa Akbar” is a historical and biographical movie.

“Jodhaa Akbar” is being made with true love story about the love between Mughal Emperor Akbar and Rajput Princess Jodhaa.

At a time Akbar ruled the whole Hindustan. It was the untold century of sixteenth century. The love story started with the marriage between two different marriage ceremony and religions.

Hrithik Roshan acted in an Akbar role where we can see most beautiful girl Ashwariaya acted in Jodhaa role.

Famous director Ashutosh Gowarikar’s “Jodhaa Akbar” will release on 12 October, 2007. Ashutosh Gowarikar has spent lot of money for this movie and he believes that it will hit the box-office.

In this new era people will like this 16th century love story. Because, in the past we can see no one historical movie did hit the box-office or profitable. But where is director Ashutosh Gowarikar there we can expect to see a beautiful and luxurious movie.

We can wait for future to see how people take Ashutosh Gowarikar’s “Jodhaa Akbar”.

At the end I just told you that if you miss the movie to be watched then you also miss some beautiful song which was directed by A.R Rahman with lyrist Javed Akhtar.

Ek Din-Naqaab

Urvashi Sharma is already a famous name in Bollywood. She has acted only one movie “Naqaab” which one has already released in India. Different ages of people are interested to see this movie. Bobby Deol who acted in the central role is hopeful to raise his position beside Shahrukh and Aamir.

Now, most of the people feel agree about this movie’s song. I have given you a song from “Naqaab” movie which has possibility to be famous like other songs that is “Ek Din”.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Naqaab" will release tomorrow

At last Indian people can see Abbas-Mustan’s most thrilled movie July 13 on Friday. It is Abbas-Mustan’s second thrilling movie after “Humraaz”. With this movie Punjabi girl Urvashi Sharma debut her bollywood career.

Urvashi Sharma is a strong girl. She is not excited and not thinking about lack of publicity being her first movie which will release tomorrow everywhere in a same time.

In this movie people can see thriller and triangle story.

Urvashi Sharma is engaged with a millionaire Karan but at a time she fall drawn love towards to other. These two men always busy to prove their love. But a mystery person catches it by camera. Then the triangle story turns to crime thrilling movie.

Being a new actress no can realize she is not expert. Another Punjabi hero Bobby Deol helped her to act easily.

Film director Abbas-Mustan told that “Naqaab” is the most thrilling movie what people didn’t see before. Is this true?

After seeing this movie we can realize how crime thrilling movie it was. Because, all actor, actress and movie related people’s success is depend on this movie. If it gets succeed then Abbas-Mustan will be the famous thrilling movie director.

So, dear people watch this movie and realize how crime thriller it was.

"Naqaab" all in one

Most of the people believe that “Naqaab” will be the most profitable movie in this year which will hit box-office.

People can feel interest about Naqaab because India’s all type of media is writing about it every day. Interesting thing is that actor and actress is Punjabi. Urvashi Sharma who debut as Bollywood actress is a Punjabi girl. And Bobby Deol the central character of “Naqaab” films also a Punjabi at heart.

One day is left before the release of this movie. On July 13 it will release in a same time the whole India. Punjabi people most agree to see this movie as a Punjabi girl has acted in this movie and central character was acted by a Punjabi boy.

Dear readers I have given below a link where from you can know many things about “Naqaab” film so, go ahead and know more:-

I am sure you will enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is Urvashi Sharma hottie?

Being her debut film Urvashi Sharma is not worried about her publicity. This strong girl has acted in “Naqaab” film which will release on July 13, 2007.

“Naqaab” film was directed by master crime thriller Abbas-Mustan.

Producer Ramesh Taurani don’t miss this self-confidence girl. So, he is keeping her under wraps for now.

Already Taurani signed eight new film with Urvashi for his company.

Abbas-Mustan also wants to see her in his next two-movie. But Urvashi is keeping hold until her debut movie is releasing.

Some famous actor and actress have already commented with Urvashi. Preity Zinta, Shahid Kapur and Amrita Rao says, "Urvashi's a very sincere girl. Mark my words. She will go a long way. Her character is an integral part of the movie, and so we have kept her under wraps. We want the audience to judge her performance unbiased." Now, that's fair enough, we think.

Live chat with Urvashi Sharma

Urvashi Sharma has already named one of the hottest actress among all newcomers with her debut film “Naqaab”. For her good acting, Urvashi Sharma got many praise worthy from Abbas-Mustan and other actor and actress. Many directors feel keen to sign their next movie. Urvashi plays a different character in this movie. He act a female role whose name is Sophie engaged with a millionaire but at a time she fall drawn love towards to other.

This new celebrity heroin will live chat by IndiaFM on Wednesday July 11 at 1515 hrs IST.

If you want to know more about her then go to IndiaFM and log on. Don’t miss the chance to chat live with Urvashi Sharma.

Some hit song of "Naqaab"

Abbas-Mustan who is the master of crime thriller movie is determined to hit rock box-office with the song of different artist in “Naqaab” movie.

This music and song have been sung by many artists. Well known singer Pritam return back with this film after many days. It was the first and big occasion for Pritam to compose music in Abbas-Mustan’s crime thriller movie with lyricist Sameer. Sameer has formed with Pritam as a perfect lyricist and made a bountiful music entertainment.

These two intelligent artists used music instrument safely. Everybody thought that “Ek Din Teri Raahon Main” song will be top listed. Because, Pritam use soft rock ballad in this song.

Another possibility hit song is “Aa Dil Se Dil Mila”. "Aa Dil Se Dil Mila Le", a carnival dancing soundtrack comes through with racy electronic sounds and beats with Krishna's throaty vocals creating a bedlam of emotions. Pop diva Alisha Chinai is the surprise factor as she makes another worthy contribution as disco crooner after her smash-hit "It's Rocking" ('Kya Love Story Hai').

Another one is "Aye Dil Paagal Mere (remix)" works better as haunting background as the racy disco beat fillers are suffused with thumping effect.

Lot of song these two intelligent have made and composed in a different music and instrument.

Cassettes and CD’s will be available after the release of this movie. Tips music has got the right to publish cassettes and CD.

I think you will like different types of music and song of “Naqaab” film.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Abbas-Mustan's hit film "Naqaab"

Abbas-Mustan’s film means lot of exciting, thrilling and different thing which one people didn’t see before.

However, on 13th July it will release everywhere in India. Ahead of this film, cinema hall owners are busy to book. Different ages people are waiting to release this movie. Everybody is thinking that “Naqaab” will be most shocking thriller movie in Bollywood. It is made by Abbas-Mustan who is master of suspence.

With this movie Urvashi Sharma debut his glamorous carrer with Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna.

People will witness triangle love, thrilling story, deception, intrigue, passion and greed only one movie. There you can see Urvashi Sharma to act role Sophie who debut her career as an actor. Most stylist Bobby Deol acts in a millionaire characters and Akshaye Khanna who acts a middle class boy. Except them you also see a invisible character. Who is the guy?

While it is exciting enough to see two men trying to prove their love for the woman they want in their lives, a mysterious twist to the tale comes in the form of a third person who is shown to be capturing the three of them through a video camera. It’s a starting scene. After this scene people witness a horrible and exciting thrilling story which no one producer couldn’t make before and I think no one can future except Abbas-Mustan.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Akshay Khanna a different character in Naqaab

Akshaye Khanna is one of the busiest actors at this time. This funny actor has acted in “Naqaab” movie which one was directed by Abbas-Mustan.

In this movie first time Akshaye Khanna act in a different character.

Akshaye Khanna acted a role of Vicky who came from a middle-class family. Vicky see a dream to be an actor. So, he struggle hard. He has a great desire to write his name as an actor. At a time he falls in love of Sophia who is engaged with millionaire Karan.

This is not only triangle movie but also a thriller movie too.

This triangle cum thriller movie will release on July 13, 2007.

Urvashi Sharma whose character was integral to central character debut her career with this movie.

Being her new movie, she is not feeling excited.

How people take Akshaye Khanna’s character? You can think why I ask it. Because, Akshaye Khanna is well known for his comedy movie. People likes him to see a comedy movie. Can he show his best with this movie?

Urvashi Sharma in "Naqaab"

Urvashi Sharma debut his glamorous career with “Naqaab” where her character was closely related with central plot of this film.

Being her first movie, the girl isn’t feeling excited. And she is not thinking how people take his character and acting. Will he get publicity? Urvashi has a strong mind for this she can handle everything easily.

Really in this way Urvashi Sharma is different than others actress. When Ash still think how people take his role and can he acted 100%.

Before the release of her first film “Naqaab”, he also signed more eight films of director Taurani and his company.

We can hear Urvashi Sharma doesn’t want to sign any more movies until her debut movie is not releasing.

When this pretty girl debut in film as an actor then Preity Zinta, Ashwariya Rai, Rani are still heroines of hit films. So, Urvashi should go throw a difficult exam.

Can Urvashi make herself a good place as an actor?

Bobby spend RS 50 lakh for design his dress

Everybody has to admit that Bobby Deol is one of the busiest hero among others. He has already acted some super hit movie. And he has come back in his previous hair style with Shakalaka Boom Boom movie.

Now, Bobby Deol’s new movie “Naqaab” which will be released on July 13, 2007 is now top listed and most discussed.

Shakalaka Boom Boom, Apne and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom acted super hero Bobby Deol also has acted a vital character in Naqaab. He plays a millionaire role.

Acting in this movie, Bobby has to go throw makeover.

Bobby has spent to make RS 50 lakh only to make wardrobe for “Naqaab”.

IBN Live reported: When asked, Bobby just laughs it off, “That's Falguni's (the designer's) department. But yes, I love brands and am sporting a lot in Naqaab. Yes, Falguni has done a fantastic job. She has given a different look to the suits, which I wear in this film.”

Before this, Bobby acted another thriller movie with duo Abbas-Mustan and Akshaye Khanna after Humraaz.

This is really laughly matter for poor people where they can’t get a little money to buy a normal dress there “Naqaab” actor Bobby made a dress spending 50 lakh Indian rupi.

It is true that RS 50 lakh is nothing to compete with other actors and actress.

Movie Preview of Naqaab

Whole Indian people are shouting to say “Naqaad”, “Naqaab”. Naqaad is super heat before the release. And young generation feels keen to see this. In a one word we can say Indian young generation is suffering from Naqaad fever. They are waiting to hear announcement when the movie will released in every theatre.

Naqaab is a thriller movie where people feel exciting every time to know what will happen next. With this movie Urvashi Sharma start her new career as an actor. Urvashi Sharma has acted a vital role where he act a girl whose name is Sophie, a confident girl who engaged to a millionaire. But at a time she feels attraction and love to other.

This film started with a romantic scene where Urvashi goes throw a relationship with a millionaire Karan. The two are engaged to get married. Then se see Urvashi to make relationship with Vicky. With this relation the movie turns into a thriller.

This is not only a triangle love story. So what is then.

If I tell you the whole story then you won’t feel keen to see the Naqaab Movie.

Bobby Deol hero of Naqaab movie told that the story of this movie will shock the audience.

What do you think dear readers?

The good news is that Naqaab movie will release on July 13, 2007.

Characters: There I have given short introduce of every character in below:-

Bobby Deol: Main hero Bobby Deol acts a millionaire name karan who has oodles of charm and attitude to make a girl go weak in her knees.

Urvashi: A new face Urvashi plays Sophie role who is confident girl who is engaged to one man and feels herself drawn towards another. Who is the person?

Akshaye Khanna: He plays Vicky role in this movie. Vicky comes from middle-class family who see a dream and struggle hard to make himself as a actor.

Don’t miss the chance to see this if you are fans of Bobby Deol.