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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Untold story of Ranbir Kapoor

Dear readers, today I have got an interesting article about new star kid Ranbir Kapoor who has debut in Bollywood with the movie of ‘Saawariya’ which will release on November 9, 2007. Before the release of his first movie, he has become one of the most famous actors in Bollywood. He has come in the centre of all attraction. Everyday many websites and news papers are writing more news about him. Rediff news, one of the most famous websites in India, has written a different type of article about Ranbir Kapoor. They asked to their readers to inform them if they had grown up or studied with the movie or television celebrities. Now, they have got a great response. One girl, whose name is Ayesha Devitre studied with Ranbir Kapoor in the same school, share her memorable incident with rediff news. Ranbir’s school friend gave rediff some untold and interesting information about Ranbir. What did Ranbir do in school? How was he looking? What type of student he was? What her expectation about Ranbir’s first movie?

rediff news reported:

I've known Ranbir for 17 years so to me, he's family! We've practically grown up together and studied in Bombay Scottish School, where the two of us would constantly get ourselves into trouble. He was 'filmy' right from the day he was born. He would dance on stage during Christmas concerts and always participated in drama competitions. He would even incorporate movies into academics -- every essay in his English grammar paper would be an entire Hindi movie screenplay summarised!

Ranbir was also a little bit of a shehtaan -- he played a million pranks, getting caught each time! He would steal my dabba and eat it for breakfast. He would also emotionally blackmail me into doing all his school projects. And he would study only two days before an examination and still pass each time.

No doubt-it is a store of untold news to the fan of Ranbir Kapoor. His fans will get lot of pleasure after reading his school life story. If any question raise in your mind then tell me I will try my best to give you the answer.


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