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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Miss World 2007: What is latest?

The most betting questing is that who will get the Miss World 2007 crown. It is tough to say the lucky contestants name but you can see the 57th crown winner on 1st December, 2007. The Miss World 2007 final is going to take place in the Crown of Beauty Theater, Sanya, China in its 57 edition. No doubt, time is too short. So, the organizers are busy with their last minute preparation. Participating are going throw under huge pressure. The contestants are working hard to show their talent in the final.

However, dear fans I have got an article about Miss World 2007: 100 Things About Miss World. Here, in this post you will get 100 different things about Miss World 2007 what you didn’t see before. However, I am giving you 15 important things about Miss World 2007 from this post in below-

  1. The final competition of Miss World 2007 beauty pageant will be held in the Crown of Beauty Theater, Sanya, China on 1st of December 2007.
  2. Miss World 2007 is the 57th Miss World final.
  3. This is the fourth time, Sanya will host the competition as it was the host of Miss World final competition from 2003-2005.
  4. 106 contestants from 106 countries will be competing for the most sought after crown of Miss World beauty pageant.
  5. It is the second largest Miss World beauty pageant after 2003.
  6. Participants of Miss World 2007 beauty pageant are from five regions- Europe, Africa, Americas, Caribbean and Asian &Oceania.
  7. Among the 106 contestants, half of them are from Europe. 46 competitors came to China to take part in the Miss World 2007 beauty pageant from Europe, 14 competitors are from Africa, 19 are from Americas, 11 are from Caribbean and 16 are from Asia and Oceania.
  8. Miss World 2007 includes five fast track events. These are- Beach Beauty, Talent, Sport, Beauty with a Purpose and Top Model. The winners of these five fast track events will automatically qualify to the semi final of the competition.
  9. 106 contestants of Miss World 2007 have recently participated a music video with the song titled “Light the Passion, Share the Dream.”
  10. The music video will officially launch in the final contest of Miss World 2007.
  11. It was the English version of Olympic for torch relay.
  12. Then they will visit a number of popular spots in mainland China and view the preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games.
  13. However, 16 year old Stephanie Maria Dods is the youngest contestants of Miss World 2007 beauty pageant.
  14. Four contestants of Miss World 2007 beauty pageant are 25 years old. They are Christine Reiler from Austria, Rebecca Parchment from Cayman Islands, Line Kruuse from Denmark and Abigail McCary from United States.
  15. Miss World 1994 winner Aishwarya Rai is the only Miss World title holder who has wax statue at Madam Tussads Wax Museum and was named in the list of the 100 Most Influential People in the world.
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