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Monday, November 26, 2007

Miss World 2007: Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Aimée de la Cruz

Year after year girls from all over of the world just fight against each other only for one title that is “Miss World”. No doubt, it is a most prestigious honor for any girl. But bagging this title is not easy for any contestants. For this, every contestant has to work hard to bag this title. That is why; all the contestants have to compete for 10 semifinals spots like as Beach Beauty, Beauty with a Purpose, Sports, Talent, and Top Model contests. It started since 1959 and still it is going on.

However, if you are a fan of beauty contest then surely you know that the 57th Miss World 2007 final edition will be held at the Beauty Crown Theatre, Sanya on China. It will take place on 1st December. In my previous list, I gave you a list of top contestants’ name where Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Aimée de la Cruz listed with odds 4/1 on becoming the 2007 Miss World.

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Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Aimée de la Cruz is a 21 year girl. She was born and grew up in Villa Mella, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a country filled with colour, culture, and music, with a big African Heritage. Her life was not so simple like others. As she was born on an African country so, she had to struggle in every time of her life. She worked as a store clerk after finish her high school graduate. You will be astonished to hear her ambition. I think, her ambition is totally different than other contestants that she wants to work in beauty business. Most of you will have known that Dominican Republic is an Island country. So, it is of no surprise that her favorite food is seafood. She likes dancing especially salsa, listening music and playing volleyball. She has pet dog named Bambauna that she always look after as a daily routine.

Being Miss World 2007, she has all type of quality. So, dear fans we can see her as Miss World 2007 in the 57th edition.

Do you think so?

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