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Monday, November 26, 2007

Miss World 2007: Images of Top contestants

Miss World 2007 beauty pageant is now knocking at the door. Its 57th edition is going to take place in the Crown of Beauty Theater, Sania in China on December 1. You should know that Miss World beauty pageant always has a unique attraction to the people. Ahead of the final round, contestants are going throw under a huge pressure. With the final round, whole world will get the 57th number world most beautiful girl. It is difficult to say who will hold the crown over his head. However, Contestants are suffering from nail biting problems.
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British betters and gamblers also have to go throw into a bad time. Then some bookmakers have named their favorite contestants name. You should have known that two contestants- Miss Dominican Republic Ada Aimée de la Cruz and Miss China Eilin Zi Lin Zhang are taking in the top place in the race for the beauty.

I know you are eagerly waiting to see the final competition. But before the start of the final contest, you should want to see the top contestants name according to a betting site. After searching more, I have got a websites where you can see top 33 beautiful contestants’ pictures. - go ahead and see what is waiting for you.

And I deeply request you to see your favorite contestant’s pictures before betting.


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