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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Learn Many Things About Sonam Kapoor

New face in Bollywood is always the most attraction name to all people. People of different nations keep themselves busy to search about them and collect more news. This year we have got some new faces in Bollywood where Sonam Kapoor is one of the two talked name. This star kid actress who debut in Bollywood in ‘Saawariya’, has already become successful to make herself the centre of attraction in her first movie. Next Friday on 9 November, 2007 ‘Saawariya’ will be released in India. As Friday is a holiday for Diwali in India so, many people will do gathering in cinema hall to see the movie and her acting capability. Before seeing this movie you should want to know some information about Sonam Kapoor. Another Razib Ahmed has written an article where you will get 50 Things what you should not know about sonam Kapoor.
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In this article I am giving you some interesting news that is the birth date and release date of her first movie is the same 9. Do you know what the reason of Sonam Kapoor’s becoming fat is? Because Sonam Kapoor has a great appetite for food. She was so fatty in her childhood but she had to lose 30 kilos within few months before the start of shooting of her debut film Saawariya. Sonam Kapoor got help from her mother Sunita Kapoor in losing those extra pounds. If you want to know more things about Sonam Kapoor then stay with me. And visit my blog where you will get new news about Sonam Kapoor everyday.