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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kareena & Shahid: Shahid Kapoor is still missing Kareena Kapoor

The good news is that the last movie of Kareena-Shahid pair ‘Jab We Mat’ is going quite well. It will not be correct to say that it was their last movie as Kareena said in an interview that she is agree to work together with Shahid Kapoor if she gets good offer. However, you already know that Kareena and Shahid are separate. Kareena is now happy with her new boy friend Saif Ali Khan. On the other hand, Shahid is still single and looking for mingle. It’s the time to see who will be his mingle. What is going on Shahid’s mind? Can he forget her ex-girl friend Kareena? In his latest interview, he said that he is still feeling pain over the end of his love relationship with Kareena. He also said that he feels jealous when he sees Kareena with Saif. reported:

He said, he is trying to put up, but he feels pain over the end of his love relationship with Kareena.

In an interview, Shahid said that their three-year link had finished and she was getting around with someone else.

Shahid said, “Yes, I'm single- Yes, it hurts- Yes, I will fall in love again!”

He told that it disturbs him to see photographs of Kapoor with her new flame, famous star Saif Ali Khan.

It was really unexpected to see this pair separated. However, as future is uncertain and anything can happen in future so, Shahid should take this incident easily. But it will be hard for Shahid as he has world more with Kareena. But he has nothing to do except waiting for future.

Can Shahid forget his ex-girl friend? Can we see Shahid with anyone getting around?