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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kareena & Saif : What's with with Saif ?

Love birds Kareena and Shahid are now separate as their 3 years relationship has been broken up. Kareena make new relationship with Saif who is more popular as a play boy. On the other hand, her ex-boy friend is still single and may be looking for mingle. May be their fans become upset to hear the news of their break up. And still it is a secret to Indian people about the reason of their break up. No one can give the perfect and believable information about their break up. What about Kareena and Saif pair? How is going their day? It is heard that their relationship is going throw in a trouble. What is going on between them?

Indiatarget reported:

The grapevine is abuzz with the news that Kareena broke into tears after quarreling with Saif Ali Khan at a party thrown by filmmaker Farhan Akhtar. The actress was so upset after Saif shouted to her to just shut up during an argument. Sources however said that the couple made up soon after. The irony is Saif is said to have gifted Kareena with solitaire diamonds. It is also said that he was also looking for a special diamond ring of specific size. However, trouble seems to have cribbed into their romantic life.

Now, Kareena and Saif relationship has made many questions to general people. Are they love each other or trying to show a love drama to media? Well we can wait to see the what will happen in the future. Can Kareena continue her new affair with Saif?