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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saawariya: Anuradha who design the cloth of Sonam and Rani

Dress up and get up is so important to make someone special. In film, dress up is so, important as it can ensure the character and give the character more reliable and believable. In this year, ahead of the festival ‘Diwali’ some movie will release where ‘Saawariya’ is the most expectation name to all class Indian people. Star kid Sonam Kapoor daughter of Anil Kapoor debut in Bollywood with another star kid Ranbir Kapoor with this movie. And Bengali girl who is now most famous actress in Bollywood Rani Mukherji also act in a guest role. Character got so strong and realistic because of dress up which was made depend on personality, figure, character and get up. No doubt fashion designers have to work hard to do it. Do you know how and who made it possible? Yes the fashion designer is Anuradha. For her different type of design increased the beauty of all characters and made the movie more attractive.

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Initially, she was even offered to design for all the characters in the film. “But given that I have always designed for women, I chose to play safe and only designed for the female leads,” she reasons.

And of course, working with such established names has been a memorable experience for her. “While Sonam has a keen sense of fashion, Rani has strong opinions, which is not surprising given her years in the industry,” she reveals. Ranbir, on the other hand, is a ‘sweetheart’.

Surprisingly, Anuradha isn’t excited about designing for films. “This was a one-off thing; ‘Saawariya’ is my first and most probably my last film. I don’t think I’m cut out for such a career as it’s very important for the filmmaker to share my sensibilities,” she signs off.

It is her first work in film as a fashion designer. In her first work she got success. And may be this success has increased her expectation to work more in film.