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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kareena Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor: The reason of their separation

What’s wrong with Kareena and Shahid? What was the main reason of breaking their reason? Who was guilty? I know lot of question has risen in your mind. Kareena and Shahid break up news is the most discussed topic in Bollywood. Kareena and Shahid pair was the most attractive and nice pair in Bollywood. So, their break up can make us interest to know about the reason and guilty person. Kareena said Shahid who has made new relationship with Vidya Balan, the most successful actress in Bollywood. But no one got any prove about it. On the other hand, Shahid has already announced him single and Kareena who beat him to the ready to mingle stage.

SAFS NEWS reported:

How we hear it, they actually broke up a month before he left for Canada for his Aziz Mirza 6 week shoot with aunty…oops, co-star Vidya Balan. Now, it seems trouble was brewing for quite a bit.

He had barely recovered from her reported dalliance with Fardeen Khan while he had his back turned on the sets of Fida when he started choking on smoke from the sparks that started to fly between Kareena and her Tashan co-star, Saif.

He had had enough. If rumors are to be believed, he allegedly went up and slapped Kapoor lass….yes, in a very filmi fashion. She responded in an equally filmi fashion by holding her wounded cheek and turning her head back at him.

I don’t say their reason of separation is interesting. But it is true Shahid never has to live single long time. And I also think he will get a good life partner. Who will be his next girl friend? At last I can say you ‘wait and see’. Passionate people will gain.