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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jab We Met: Last movie of Kareena-Shahid

The most attractive and discussed Bollywood pair Kareena-Shahid has broken up their relationship. The reason of their breaking up makes lot of curiosity of general people. No one is agree to say anything about it. So, we can’t know the true reason of their breaking. However, this month 26th October we can see a new movie of this pair. That is ‘Jab We Met’. This is a wonderful romantic and comedy movie. After many days Bollywood people is going to see a nice movie of this pair. Before this movie Bollywood people saw thriller movie 36 China Town. As their relationship has been broken so, it is thought that it is their last movie where they act together. And may be we will not see them to act together in a same movie.

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Being a nice and expensive movie, their break up news can affect this movie. But I am thinking opposite about it. Always I have seen people think in one way but it happens in different way. So, I hope Indian people will take it to see as it is the last movie where Kareena and Shahid acted in the centre character. Move go throw towards this pair. Their new movie is ‘Jab We Met’ but with this movie we can see them separate. I know Indian people have already started saying the movie ‘Jab We Separate’. Yes it is laughly matter.

I don’t know what’s wrong with them. However, Kareena has already taken Saif as her new boy friend. And Shahid has announced himself as a single and may be he is looking for mingle. Who will be his mingle? Let us see.

Dear fans if you know anything about Shahid’s mingle then inform me. And stay with me if you want to know any news about this pair or movie.

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