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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Deepika Padukone vs Sonam Kapoor: Who is ahead than other

Clashes are more familiar matter in Bollywood. We can see many times between many top grade actresses and actors’s cold war for a higher position. Their cold war gives us entertainment and charm. Media people always keen to write about it as people read and search this type of news. Ahead of the Diwali two big budget movies are going to release in a same day. These are ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Saawariya’. With this movie Bollywood fans have got two new actresses. They are Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. These new comer actresses have already got more popularity. Now, media people also take them and writing many news about them. Everybody knows Sonam Kapoor as a star kid. This star kid debut in Bollywood with the movie of ‘Saawariya’. She acted against another star kid Ranbir Kapoor who is the son of Rishi Kapoor. On the other hand, we can see Deepika Padukone to act against King Khan. Really she is lucky as she got chance to act against Shahrukh Khan in her debut movie. But now-a-days we can hear a rumor that is related a clash between Deepika and Sonam.

Indiatimes reported:

So the obvious question of who’ll emerge as the winner from the two prompted us to speak to the movie insiders who have been closely associated with the duo. The ladies in question, Deepika and Sonam may tag this war as ‘media created’ but certainly not our movie insiders and trade analysts. So who is going to walk away with the top honours for the ‘Best Debutante (Female) Award’ this year... any guesses?

It’s a popular opinion that Sonam has the Rani Mukherjee ‘girl next door’ charm while Deepika has the ‘Ash’ look... but who has the potential to make it big?

“Deepika being labelled as this Ash and Bipasha combination is absolutely rubbish. The girl has her own unique identity” says Ad man Prahlad Kakar who has worked with Deepika as a model as well as has seen Sonam about 10 years back when she was a ‘fat little kid’!

Both Sonam and Deepika said that the clash news between them is media created. May be they are true. But I am sure these new comer actresses are going under huge pressure as their first movie is going to release 9th November this year. Now, then we can see who is the winner.