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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Who will be Indian Idol 3?

Indian Idol 3 is in the final stage. Two contestants are fighting for the title. On September 23, the result will be announced. Millions of people are eagerly waiting to see who will be Indian Idol 3. It is difficult to say who the luckiest person is. If you want to see the luckiest person of this contest then switch on the TV and watch Sony channel. Because only Sony channel will telecast it live. Day by day it is becoming exciting. Both Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang are best. So, their fans also confuse whom they will their valuable vote.

Dear readers I am also confuse, who will be Indian Idol 3. Both Amit and Prashant sing well. And they have sweet voice. But it is true that only one will get the title and one has to admit his bad luck.

Screenindia reported:

But has Indian Idol 3 got the two best singers in the finals? Season 3 of Indian Idol witnessed quite a few arguments between judges and mini-controversies like gender discrimination against girls, performance prevailing over singing, best singers getting eliminated and mediocre ones surviving on viewers’ votes. The galas began with 13 contestants and in four weeks as many girls were voted out in a row which made the jury express concern over the disturbing trend in voting pattern. It was alleged that female contestants were being voted out because of voting public’s gender bias against girls. But the trend did not stop there. In subsequent weeks singers like Charu Semwal, Deepali and Puja Chatterjee were also shown the door. Only Ankita survived and made it to the top five.

Again I have to ask this question who will be Indian Idol 3? I hope dear readers you will your contestant as an Indian Idol 3 sending your important message but try to send it as a perfect and intelligent contestant.