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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Indian Idol 3: Indian Idol 3, the final round will telecast on Sony TV

Indian Idol 3 which is shown on Sony TV is coming to close with the final on 23rd September, 2007 after a long schedule. Two best contestant Amit Paul and Prashanth Tamang are in the final round. Indian Idol 3 will be decided by the SMS received. Both Amit and Prashanth are best singer and contestant. But judges are giving support to Amit Paul. Obviously Amit Paul is an intelligent singe. And Amit looks nice than Prashanth. Amit can sing in other language as well. He is getting more support from his home state Shillong. On the other hand police man Prashanth Tamang who didn’t train anywhere come up to the final stage getting more votes from his fans. And never he had to fall in danger round. In his way to dream Prashanth hurt many times. In fact up to the second last episode, celebrity judge were trying to deride him and discourse him as this police man lost his support. However, he didn’t lose his support and interesting thing is that in every episode he was in save zone. And despite much criticism, he didn’t lose his hope.

Judges are not doing fair behave. They have been divided two parts. One part is giving support to Amit and another part is giving to Prashanth.

NDTV reported:

In either case, I am sure both Prashanth and Amith will have many many lucrative offers coming their way. But this is true of some of the other fantastic singers who got ousted enroute to the finale, The names I would like to mention here are Emon, Pooja, Dipaali, Charu and Abhishek. While some of them got voted out in stiff contests, it cannot be forgotten that couple of others got voted out because of the unfair critcism by some of the judges and out of the way favour shown to some by the judges. The specific cases in point are, Javed Akthar's repeated tirades against Emon, despite his being the most versatile singer on display-even better than the finalists, Javed's out of the favour and idolisation of Ankita Misra from Kanpur which took her up to the third last episode though she had great limitations on song delivery-she was very good in husky and base singing but was no match to Dipali or Pooja Chatterjee in verstality. Ankita also was a good performer and proved to be a great manipulator of sentiments. Abhishek reched the last 10 by sheer merit as in every episode he was criticised by all the judges, for reasons known to them. Charu I think lost out to stif competition.

It is good news fans of both Amit and Prashanth are eagerly waiting to see who will be Indian Idol 3. However, final round will say who is Indian Idol 3. The stars of the show were Hussain and Mini.