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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Vidya Malvade act opposite to Shah Rukh Khan in "Chak de India"

Petite is an adj word. It means attractively small and danty. For which actress, it is the most similar and suitable word. Ok I am asking you a question as you can find out the actress name. The question is who is the most petite and hot actress in Bollywood? Try to remind who will be. For you, I have given some information there about this petite actress. This actress started her film career with theInteha’ and ‘Mashooka’. Yes, she is Vidya Malvade. Being acted three movies, she is still an unfamiliar name in Bollywood. Most of the Indian people don’t know about her and they have no keen to know about herself.

However, this actress has acted opposite to Shah Rukh Khan in the upcoming movie “Chak de India” directed by Shimit Amin. May be this movie will raise her position up and make her popularity to young generation. Bollywood people know her a different Vidya Malvade.

I hope her name will be top browsed name on net after releasing ‘Chat de India’.

IndiaFM reported: “Apparently, Vidya's role is that of a Sikh girl with strict parents. She wants to participate in an annual hockey tournament but her parents don't approve of it. It's somewhat similar to Parminder Nagra's role in Bend it like Beckham. SRK plays the coach to the girls’ hockey team.”

I am sure people will take Vidya Malvade differently in different role in “Chak de India” opposite to Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is a famous actor where Vidya is new and inexperienced actress. How did she act against Shah Rukh Khan? Did she feel excitement to act against this big actor?

If you want to know this answer then wait till Aug 10 until “Chak de India” will release.