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Monday, August 6, 2007

hot and sexy pictures of Vidya Malvade-3

This is my third post about the pictures of Vidya Malvade. I think you have already known who is Vidya Malvade. So, I don’t need to introduce anymore about her. This petite and sexy girl is going to be a famous name in this week for her new movie. Her (Vidya Malvade) latest movie is coming on Aug 10, where she acted opposite to Shah Rukh Khan in Chak de India. In my two previous posts, I gave you some pictures of this petite girl where you saw her as a sexy and petite too. Now, I am giving you some websites name where you can see many pictures of your famous actress in different actions and poses which made her hot and sexy besides cute and pretty.
So, go ahead and watch more. I am sure you will like it if you are fan of Vidya Malvade.
In this website I have got 8 pictures of Vidya Malvade which is really different and nice. In this site you can see this petite girl in different poses.
Indiafm is a famous name for Bollywood related news. From this website you can know when the new movie will release, who is acting in your favorite movie etc etc. I mean, from this website you can know all types of news about Bollywood. In this website I have got 4 pictures which are really nice. If you want you can use it as wallpaper or send to your friend as an invitation card.
From this website, I have got 10 pictures of Vidya Malvade in different angles what I didn’t see before. I think you also see these pictures and like it.
There you only can see some special photo of “Chak de India”. There are 31 pictures of “Chak de India” movie. Here you can see group pictures of India’s women hockey team with Shah Rukh Khan.
This website contains all about Vidya Malvade. From this website you will get her biography, pictures and filmography.
This is one of the most famous photo galleries in Bollywood. This website contains 5 pictures of this petite girl. These pictures are suitable to use as wallpaper.
This website contains many big pictures of Vidya Malvade which pictures you can use your computer as wallpaper or send to your friend.