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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Queen Elizabeth will accept the invitation of Yashraj Films?

Yashraj Films big banner movie “Chak de India” will be released on August 10 produced by Aditya Chopra whose two movies in this year Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Ta Ra Rum Pum flopped the box-office. It is going to be their hit film in this year. Now, Aditya Chopra first time depends on last super star Shah Rukh Khan for this film. Yashraj Films has already started showing movie trails in different channels.

Shah Rukh fans are waiting to see this film.

“Chak de India” movie of Yashraj Films will premier on 9 Aug 2007 at Somerset Hall, London where Yashraj Films has invited Queen Elizabeth II.

sawf news reported: "We expressed our desire to have the Queen over for the premiere to the London Mayor Ken Livingstone. He has communicated our message to her and we have sent her a formal invitation. If all goes well she will be gracing the premiere," a reliable source from the production company told The Mumbai Mirror.

May be it is first time for a film production company and I didn’t ever see any film production company to invite big celebrity person in their premier show where Yashraj Films has invited Queen in their premier show of Chak de India where Yash Raj and wife Pamela Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri and director Shimit Amin are expected to attend. Queen is a most powerful and busy person in London. She doesn’t get more time to live in a peace. Will she accept this invitation?

Who will be guest of honor in their premier show, Queen or Mayor Ken Livingstone?

You will get this answer after 9 August. So, look at this blog all time.