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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Urvashi Sharma was a model

Being Punjabi girl, Urvashi Sharma brought up in Delhi. So, she passed her childhood in this city. Urvashi Sharma had a dream to be a model since her childhood. At last he could make true her dream true. Most of the Websites and news report mentioned her height is 5ft 8 inch but it is not true. She is 5 ft 7 inch model. For his height she couldn’t get any good offer.

How this girl made herself as a model and debut in Bollywood as an actress? And another unbelievable news is that her parents had no connection with movie industry and still they have no good relation with any movie industry. Urvashi Sharma has an elder sister who is her best friend. Her sister is also an actress. Most of the news report announced that her sister also going to debut Bollywood as an actress.

How these two sisters made it possible? See these links what I have given below:-

Urvashi Sharma: The new face of Bollywood (2)

Urvashi Sharma: The new face of Bollywood (1)

You will get everything about Urvashi Sharma and her family there. I hope you will like these links.