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Monday, July 23, 2007

Shah Rukh Khan as an actor

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I think I don’t need to be introduced any more about Shah Rukh. Shah Rukh Khan is a familiar name not only in India but also too Indian sub continent people. If you see Indian film then you surely have heard the name of Shah Rukh. Shah Rukh is a common face as an actor in Bollywood. He stands in the top level among all actors where no one could reach and can reach in the future.

However, Baadshah Khan debut his Bollywood film with Deewana (1992) and his first movie which was hit the box-office and launched his position in Bollywood perfectly. Then he acted many movies which films made him super hero. Interesting thing is that he has got “Baadshah” title for his Baadshah movie. Shah Rukh Khan has acted different types of movies which was given us much entertainment.

Now, King Khan’s new movie “Chak De India” (2007) is coming quickly which will push him under many problems. “Chak De India” is made with the story of hockey game. Shah Rukh Khan acted the role of coach of Indian women’s National hockey team. It is the big banner movie of Yash Raj Films.

First time Aditya Chopra depends on Shah Rukh as where his most of the films flopped in this year. It is a big challenge for Shah Rukh Khan. His new movie “Chak De India” directed by Shimit Amin will be released on August 10, 2007.

So, it is only the time to see can Shah Rukh “Chak De India” with his new movie. Dear Shah Rukh fans so wait for a different types of movies acted by Shah Rukh Khan. Don’t miss this film if you are female fan of Shah Rukh Khan. I am sure “Chak De India” will help you to raise your mind and to work impossible thing.