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Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Naqaab" will release tomorrow

At last Indian people can see Abbas-Mustan’s most thrilled movie July 13 on Friday. It is Abbas-Mustan’s second thrilling movie after “Humraaz”. With this movie Punjabi girl Urvashi Sharma debut her bollywood career.

Urvashi Sharma is a strong girl. She is not excited and not thinking about lack of publicity being her first movie which will release tomorrow everywhere in a same time.

In this movie people can see thriller and triangle story.

Urvashi Sharma is engaged with a millionaire Karan but at a time she fall drawn love towards to other. These two men always busy to prove their love. But a mystery person catches it by camera. Then the triangle story turns to crime thrilling movie.

Being a new actress no can realize she is not expert. Another Punjabi hero Bobby Deol helped her to act easily.

Film director Abbas-Mustan told that “Naqaab” is the most thrilling movie what people didn’t see before. Is this true?

After seeing this movie we can realize how crime thrilling movie it was. Because, all actor, actress and movie related people’s success is depend on this movie. If it gets succeed then Abbas-Mustan will be the famous thrilling movie director.

So, dear people watch this movie and realize how crime thriller it was.