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Monday, July 9, 2007

Movie Preview of Naqaab

Whole Indian people are shouting to say “Naqaad”, “Naqaab”. Naqaad is super heat before the release. And young generation feels keen to see this. In a one word we can say Indian young generation is suffering from Naqaad fever. They are waiting to hear announcement when the movie will released in every theatre.

Naqaab is a thriller movie where people feel exciting every time to know what will happen next. With this movie Urvashi Sharma start her new career as an actor. Urvashi Sharma has acted a vital role where he act a girl whose name is Sophie, a confident girl who engaged to a millionaire. But at a time she feels attraction and love to other.

This film started with a romantic scene where Urvashi goes throw a relationship with a millionaire Karan. The two are engaged to get married. Then se see Urvashi to make relationship with Vicky. With this relation the movie turns into a thriller.

This is not only a triangle love story. So what is then.

If I tell you the whole story then you won’t feel keen to see the Naqaab Movie.

Bobby Deol hero of Naqaab movie told that the story of this movie will shock the audience.

What do you think dear readers?

The good news is that Naqaab movie will release on July 13, 2007.

Characters: There I have given short introduce of every character in below:-

Bobby Deol: Main hero Bobby Deol acts a millionaire name karan who has oodles of charm and attitude to make a girl go weak in her knees.

Urvashi: A new face Urvashi plays Sophie role who is confident girl who is engaged to one man and feels herself drawn towards another. Who is the person?

Akshaye Khanna: He plays Vicky role in this movie. Vicky comes from middle-class family who see a dream and struggle hard to make himself as a actor.

Don’t miss the chance to see this if you are fans of Bobby Deol.