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Friday, July 27, 2007

Latest Interview of Urvashi Sharma

It is true that Urvashi Sharma is the luckiest debutant in Bollywood and she is the top browsed name in net. Most of the browsers are young boys. With her first movie she has already made many young male fans. Urvashi Sharma is the only one actress who has made a miracle debut in Bollywood with the Abbas-Mustan’s crime thrilling movie “Naqaab”. That is why all types of people keen to know about ‘Urvashi Sharma’.

How Urvashi did the impossible thing possible?

In Bollywood, if you don’t have any relation between your parents and media people then it should be difficult to work in film or write name as an actress. But Urvashi has done it possible. And for this she didn’t need to sacrifice anything. She turns herself as an actress from model. All actors have admitted that Urvashi has attractive figure what attraction the people. Urvashi Sharma’s elder sister is going to debut in Bollywood as early as possible.

Most of the young fans of Urvashi Sharma feels agree to know herself and see her interview. For this I have given below Urvashi Sharma’s latest Interview:-