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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is Shah Rukh the last super star?

Shah Rukh Khan is familiar face not only in India but also in Indian subcontinent. So, in the same time people of South Asia can see him and made themselves his fans. If you ever see any Hindi film where this actor acted then your brain should help you to remind who is Shah Rukh. And then some movie of Shah Rukh should raise up in your eyes. Actually Shah Rukh reach in a top position where no one actor or actress couldn’t reach ever and can’t in the future. As a result when people listen Shah Rukh’s new movie is coming then no one asks any question about the film preview or side actors.

Shah Rukh Khan means minimum get back total cost what producer spent for movie.

Now Shah Rukh’s fans raise a controversy and debate involved with Amitabh Bachchan.

The debate is who is bigger- Baadshah or Shaenshah of Bollywood.

This is old and most exciting debate. And no one knows when this debate will finish.

With his new movie “Chat de India” Shah Rukh Khan has raised another deliberation that is he is the last super star in Bollywood. reported: Khan claims that changes in the entertainment industry means superstars are a dying breed. He says, "The entertainment industry is changing rapidly, with the growth of satellite

Channels and multiplexes. Soon there will not be any superstars. I would like to believe that I am the last superstar of India."

Shah Rukh Khan is a popular and familiar super star- no doubt about it. But is he really the last super star? What do you think dear readers?