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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chak de Shah Rukh (India)

Yash Chopra and Shahrukh Khan both are big name in Bollywood. Shasrukh Khan is a big actor-there is no doubt. His position is in the top level in Bollywood where other actor can’t reach. Shahrukh Khan has billions of fans all over of the world. Where he goes there man fans do gathering around him. Not only his fans but also media take Shahrukh and made new story. Shahrukh Khan’s new film directed by Shimit Amin “Chak De India” is coming. It will release as early as possible. It’s about Women hockey. Shahrukh Khan has acted an Indian coach of women’s hockey team who didn’t know the thrilling energy being India team.

However, this movie is coming in Yash Chopra’s banner. Before this movie Chopa production released many movies in this year like Tara Rum Pum, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom etc have flopped at box-office so, Indian people can’t take their new movie with happy. Then Chopra production feels big expectation as Badshah Khan has acted in this movie. This movie has already fallen into worst eyes of the coach of women’s hockey team.

The coach has already threatened to Yash Chopra. What did he tell? See below:

Bollywood reported: Every time there seems to be new problems that crop up, the recent one is for their film Chak De India and involves differences between the lead star Shahrukh Khan and the director Shimit Amin. Another problem is that the Women’s Hockey Association has demanded that they be shown the film prior to its release and have also warned Yash Raj Films that they will take action against them if the women’s hockey team have been portrayed in a bad light.

This is a big task for Badshah Khan if he fail then he will lose his position in Bollywood. And if this film can hit the box-office then Shahrukh Khan will take position over the Big B. Can Badshah Khan show his best where all movies go throw to a bad time?