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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chak de India: Shah Rukh Khan's message to his fans

Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie “Chak De India” is coming quickly. Everything has already finished of this movie just waiting to release. Shah Rukh Khan who has acted different types of characters more than 50 movies now plays a different role of this movie too. He plays a role of women’s hockey coach in this movie. Shah Rukh Khan is a former captain and hockey player who knows how to come back from dead. And under his coaching women’s hockey get back their previous glamour. Most of we have already know the main theme of this movie.

The main purpose of this movie is how to re-set hockey as a national game. I think everybody knows hockey is the national game of India. India has invented this sport. But in case of other popular sports like cricket and football, hockey lost his position. Now, young generation see dream to be a cricketer like Tendulkar and MS Dhoni. Nobody wants to be a hockey player. That is why Shah Rukh wants Indian people take this game seriously. Otherwise this sport will take place in the history.

Actually Shah Rukh Khan plays a role of messenger. His message to his all fans and young generation of India who likes cricket or football most. Does his new film will help to revive hockey as a popular game and make conscious to young people to keen in this game?

It should be difficult because where other producer produce money to make movie about cricket or football.

TIMESONLINE reported: But Khan is taking a professional risk. With the exception of the Oscar-nominated Lagaan (2001), which dealt with cricket, there are hardly any successful sporting Indian films. Was he aware that the film may fail? “If people such as me who are at the top of our work do not take chances and make different kinds of cinema, no one else will,” the actor reasons.

And Khan’s mission may well succeed – Bollywood stars are treated like gods. Why is this so? “In this country entertainment is the last achievement for the common man,” he says. “People regard me as taking away their everyday sadness for three hours, when they can sit in a dark, air-conditioned hall and see me fulfil their dreams. Shah Rukh Khan gives hope to people.”

Bollywood starts are treated like gods. Their message is more powerful than political leader and novelist. When they say not to do any bad things then people take like order from their famous and popular starts. So, I think most of his fans should take it like order and keen interest to play hockey.

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