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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chak de India: Shah Rukh Khan would play hockey

Millions of fans have already known the role of Shah Rukh in his new movie which will release on August 10, Kabir Khan as a coach of India’s women national coach. His fans are waiting for this movie. Hockey is the national game in India. But now cricket is the most famous game in India. That is why young generation trend to play more cricket. That is why national game of India, hockey day by day is going to unfamiliar and unknown name to young people. May be one day India’s young generation read it in their history book.

Interesting news is that Bollywood king Shah Rukh would play hockey in his school life. Shah Rukh Khan admits that he would play hockey well and he liked to play it more. But many changes have shown in this game over the year. Really it is dangerous and risky game for healthy person. reported: Before shooting ‘Chak De India’, SRK says he thought he would be able to beat the girls in stamina and skills on the hockey field. But SRK was wrong.
While training for the film, he found that the techniques of the game have changed a great deal. On top of it, he found it physically strenuous to play on Astroturf.
“I thought I would be able to beat the girls. But they kicked my butt! They were really good and I am no good at playing field hockey,” SRK is quoted as saying by an entertainment site.

I think after hearing this news, his fans keen to play hockey and again Indian can prove their talent in this game. And hockey will revive again.


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