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Monday, July 16, 2007

Ali Larter in "Marigold"

We have seen many Bollywood actresses to go to Hollywood to act their movie. And some Bollywood actress got praises for their acting. Now first time any Hollywood actress came in Bollywood to act as an actress role. Who is the actress? How many movies did she act?

The actress is Ali Larter and it is the first movie of her life. Ali Later debut his glamorous career with this film. He acted opposite to Bollywood playboy and famous for having many relationship with many girls Salman Khan in “Marigold” movie.

Anyone will feel agree to work with this handsome and muscular actor.

Ali Larter feel happy to act in this movie and she believes that the movie will help her to get good reputation.

Interesting thing is that play boy Salman Khan has promised with “Marigold” co-star Ali Larter to visit India’s most attractive place Taj Mahal. Ali had great desire to see Taj Mahal.

Now, see the expectation of Ali Larter in South Asian Women's Forum, India: “According to a DNA report, 31-year-old Ali has always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal and came close to doing so while filming Willard Carroll directed Marigold, in which she co-stars opposite Salman.

A song and dance sequence was planned to be shot in Agra but was cancelled because Ali fell ill filming in Rajashthan, as a result of which the entire unit moved back to Bombay. The song was filmed in Bombay itself and later Ali returned to the US.”

So, Ali Larter can see her dream place Taj Mahal and act in a movie too.